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30% of Surveyed Female Vets Report Being Raped

I don’t have anything intelligent to say about this other than trying to spread it’s visibility. In a 2003 survey, 30% of female veterans reported being raped during their time in the military with 71% reporting being sexually assaulted. A previous 1995 survey showed 90% of female personnel reporting sexual harassment. News Junkie Post added more details to the […]

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Google Voice Circumvents App Store with Native-esque HTML5 Web Application

TBG reports that Google has completely circumvented the issues with Apple blocking their apps from the App Store by launching a rebuild Google Voice application using HTML5 that provides an almost-native experience for iPhone and Palm Pre owners. Functionality includes: Make calls Text messages Read/Playback voicemails Account settings TBG also mentions that outgoing calls are […]

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Superfast 'Maglev' Trains Coming to the US

70 years after big oil and GM decided to kill light-rail in the United States, we are seeing a resurgence in demand and effort in deployment of the technology across the country. Wired has an excellent article covering the building interest and governmental funding building behind the efforts to deploy Maglev trains in the US. Magnetic levitation […]

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Inappropriate Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

When you think of pervert I imagine you almost always picture a guy like the one in the above picture (note the two arrows and what they are pointing at) — some middle-aged guy with a mustache that looks like a creep. Unfortunately it looks like perverts come in all shapes and sizes as evidenced by […]

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Dating 101 – Bedroom Acrobatics

Did you actually know you could do this? I did not know this could be done, although I’ve been obsessed for years with doing something similar to this — using a partner like a chair while they use YOU like a chair. You have to face each other, and then start to sit down, with […]

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NVIDIA GeForce 300 – Leaked Videos

Some leaked videos of the upcoming DX 11 compatible part from NVIDIA, the GeForce 300, hit the web today and look decently impressive. For example, instead of 50 FPS in what looks like Crysis, they are getting 70 FPS. Not life-changing as a lot of us had hoped, but I don’t actually remember 2x performance […]

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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days Screenshots

At first glance I thought these screenshots were grabbed via cam, but upon further glancing at some of the other screenshots they look flat-out grainy, almost like they were grabbed from the Wii: Click to see the full version of that screenshot and look at Kane’s beard, it’s not fuzzy it’s just really detail-less and […]

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NBC, Conan, Leno Fiasco is all a Hoax

I’m going to go out on a limb here and declare the entire NBC/Conan/Leno fight a hoax engineered to save The Tonight Show and build a new fan-base that is loyal. What Has Happened? Deadline Hollywood has an excellent real-time writeup of what is happening with the fight yesterday through today and it was reading […]

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