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Sony PS3 Will Deliver 3D Experience After All

We speculated back in August that the stars were starting to align for Sony around a Motion-controlled/3D future for the PS3. Our confidence in this fact centered around the recent motion-controlled demonstration that Sony gave for the PS3 at E3. Combined with the never-used EyeToy camera, what Sony was showing off looked comparable, if not […]

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Google Chrome OS Based on Ubuntu

As we type this Google is in the process of announcing their new Chrome OS operating system at a Google Event (TechCrunch Live Coverage). Just like the Chrome browser is based on the Chromium OS project, Chrome OS will be based on the Chromium OS project. Glancing around the source repository for Chromium OS it […]

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Google Suggest is Fricking Hilarious

No this isn’t a doctored photo, it’s just pure-hilarious. Todd Swarthout pointed this out to me originally posted on Fail Blog and I thought it was crap — after some conclusive testing myself, it is in-fact REAL… and so hilarious. I’m just picturing someone concerned about their parakeet’s health, hunkered down over their computer trying […]

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