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You’ll Be Chasing Down Your Child Support With Chase Bank!!!

My sister is a single mother of four boys, and has finally – after entirely too long a wait - been awarded child support from the  less-than-stable and often drug addicted individual who sired my nephews.  It is really about damn time.  The kids are almost all in their teens and, as anyone with teenage boys […]

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How to Fix the Xbox 360 "MTU Too Low" Problem with the Qwest Actiontec Q1000 DSL Modem

NOTE: If you are coming to this article after Googling the subject in frustration, here’s the quick-fix for you: Upgrade the modem’s firmware to QAQ01-31.00L.33 or later and you should be fine. Qwest has been rolling their new high-speed fiber-optic DSL service out throughout Denver and Arizona for the last year or so (it’s not […]

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [5.5 out of 10] A sequel to the 2006 original, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 offers up a hybrid Secret War/Civil War storyline and the same four character, top down beat-em-up action found in the first game and the X-men Legends titles before it. Vicarious Visions left the basic game play alone and streamlined the […]

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Dan Brown is the New Black

Prior to my gallbladder surgery, I had decided that during my recovery I would convalesce by reading The Lost Symbol.  Having read Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code, I was pretty sure I would like it.  Besides, I deserved it.  I traded an unneccessary and poorly functioning organ for the opportunity, but I […]

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Video and Pictures from Microsoft Store Grand Opening in Scottsdale

Many thanks to Chris Hunkele for the pics and video’s from the grand opening! If you live in Phoenix or Scottsdale you like saw the news that Microsoft has opened it’s first (new) Microsoft Store in the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall and from the looks of things, it was a huge hit. With a few […]

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God of War 3 Screenshots

Thanks to Ted Regulski for the heads up on these. We actually had about 10 mins of alone-time with God of War 3 at PAX 2009 and can say this: It’s exactly what you want. If you liked God of War 1 and God of War 2, the God of War series continues with the […]

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Screenshots

Well it’s coming and everyone is waiting for it, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2, so we figured we’d put up as many screenshots as we could find that were tasty. Unfortunately it looks like still no main-story-line co-op, but they are offering co-op in the SpecOps mode which is taking down foes in special […]

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Antarctica is HUGE – Bigger Than the US

Saw this on TwitPic, it’s the United States superimposed on top of the land-mass that is Antarctica and holy-hell, I honestly didn’t realize it was so big.

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Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Update Coming

Thanks to Grant Gochnauer for the heads up on the news that Canon is working on a firmware upgrade for the 5D Mark II folks that will allow 1080p video recording at 24 and 25fps. London, 20 October 2009 – Canon today announces that it is currently developing a firmware update to the EOS 5D […]

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Canon 1D Mark IV 1080p Video – Vincent Laforet's Nocturne

SmugMug’s Don MacAskill blogged about Vincent Laforet’s new ‘Nocturne’ short that was shot in 1080p at ISO 6400 on the new Canon 1D Mark IV — for those of you with your 5D Mark II’s, apparently the 1D MIV has better low-light performance, but the body runs a solid $5k — so probably just buy […]

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Star Wars: Firing a Laser Gun in Trash Compactor is Bad

It’s brilliant how funny some clever editing can make a scene, check out the laser-gun-fire-in-the-trash-compactor scene from Star Wars all over again, with a little cut here and there:

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Borderlands: For Mainstream Gamers

Borderlands is the new 4-player co-op, FPS/RPG that just dropped today to retailers and so far is getting solid 8.5/10 reviews from the few sources we’ve seen. Overall we’re pretty pumped for the title and it looks like Gearbox hired a pretty savvy marketing group to put together a mock advertisement about how “mainstream” Borderlands […]

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Dragon Age: Origins Villages, Environments and World Screenshots

Most of the Dragon Age: Origins screenshots we’ve seen up until now have focused primarily on battle and the party in the game. That is why I was excited when an environments-only screenshot pack dropped in our lab tonight. These screenshots show of the world that Dragon Age: Origins takes place in. The type of […]

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I Didn’t Request the Lap Dance

Perhaps you will all recall last December when I lamented about my adventures with diagnostic laparoscopy and how it really freaked me out and how glad I was to get it over with. Clearly, I should have kept my mouth shut. As I am allowing the Vicodin haze to lift, I feel as though I […]

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Dragon Age: Origins Goodies

Dragon Age: Origins was a game we got some special time with at PAX 2009 back in September. It was about a 30-minute private playthrough that honestly took about 2 hours to get into. Curses on BioWare for running their demo like that at the conference — they never bothered to walk back in line […]

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More Proof Women Like Assholes or Edward Cullen Is a Douche

Before we get to this I have to issue a disclaimer/warning. The following article will feature spoilers of major plot points in the Twilight Series and will do so with a level of contempt previously unheard of outside of the average review for a Michael Bay film. If you don’t want to have things spoiled […]

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Even South Park Thinks T.A.P.S. is Full of Shit

It’s no mystery that some of the writers here show no love for T.A.P.S. or the Ghost Hunters show — in fact there are quite a few readers who agree, that’s why I got such a big kick out of last-nights South Park episode. In true South Park fashion, they rip into Ghost Hunters as […]

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How To Put Google Ion into Recovery Mode

Introduction This document will cover both how to get your Google Ion into Recovery Mode as well as a few other clarifications to HTC’s Google Ion device instructions for installing Android 1.6 that caused me pain during this process. If you are like me and have an Android device, more specifically the Google Ion Android developer […]

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Alcohol Related Death: It Isn't Just For Motor Vehicles Anymore or Guns Don't Kill People but They Make It Easier

Old Tucson Studios slogan has long been ’12 Miles and 100 Years From Town’ but as of September 30th, you are only going to have to go to your local bar to transport yourself back to the old west. Yes that is right, it is now legal to carry concealed firearms in bars in Arizona. […]

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