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Booster Shots

I’ve really just about had my fill of being a “booster parent.” Ever since my children were young, I swore that I would be the mom that was always at every function, cheering on my children, very much the OPPOSITE of how my parents did me…they didn’t even take pictures at my high school graduation, […]

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Shadow Complex (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [9.5 out of 10] Set in the world of Empire by Orson Scott Card, Shadow Complex is a 2D side-scrolling adventure game in the vein of Metroid. You play Jason, a fish out of water who finds himself embroiled in high tech action and espionage when a hiking trip turns into a rescue mission […]

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If I Get This Back, OK, If Not, I Will Know Why…

I hate spam.  I hate spam so much, that sometimes it makes me cry…mostly because of how much my knuckles sting while I am beating the crap out of the person that sent it.  Okay, fine, that’s never happened, but I have made it pretty clear that I don’t want people to send me some […]

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Friendship Motivational Poster

So I made this motivational poster after a family trip — I posed the picture… and knew I wanted it, but didn’t know what I was going to do with it until I got home and saw it… it had Motivational Poster written all over it

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Guinea Pig Nom-Nom Race

These things are important to share:

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How to Remove WordPress Malware

It seems that a new WordPress malware hijack is making the rounds and we got hit. Google just issued me a “this site contains malware” warning for my sites, after some quick investigation it looks like the hijack has attached a malicious <iframe> block to the end of every HTML and PHP page in the […]

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Batman: Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [10 out of 10] When Joker turns a prison transfer into Arkham Asylum into a full fledged take over of the island it is up to Batman to round up the inmates and stop whatever Joker has planned in the first game to ever fully and accurately capture the Batman experience. Finally, Batman’s entire […]

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T.A.P.S… Still Full of CRAP.

*Author’s note:  As I mentioned in my original post regarding TAPS, I stated that while I will not attempt to cover my tracks at having written these words from a very, very frustrated place, I will no longer allow myself (or anyone, really) to speak ill of another person working in my field on interest.  […]

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