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I'm a Closet Artist… Apparently

I’ve always identified myself as a “scientific person”. I have a Computer Science degree (virtual high-five to Laurence Hartje), I’ve been obsessed with computers and technical gadgetry since I was 10 (virtual high-five to Grant Gochnauer) and I glommed onto software development at the age of 12 and have loved it ever since. I pretty […]

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Google Traffic on Surface Streets Not Perfect

Late for work? Just zoom-in! As Chris Hunkele points out, Google has launched traffic information for surface streets (no longer just interstates), but it’s not perfect just yet. Chris tells us: … it’s a little buggy, look at the east west curvy street (greenway), when zoomed in the traffic is fine, when zoomed out it’s […]

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CryEngine 3 PS3 Tech Demo

This is more of an aside, but Crytek’s Cevat Yerli shows off a demonstration of the upcoming (September ’09 release) CryEngine 3 and I’m floored. The enhancements that Crytek have gotten into CryEngine 3 are nothing short of amazing, specifically on the PS3. Cevat explains that over the years they have had two R&D engine […]

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Honda Insight Concept

Custom Diesel-Electric Honda Insight – 100mpg

Red Light Racing (site currently down) has a story about two mechanics in Maryland that did a custom modification to a standard Honda Insight hybrid gasoline-electric car by replacing the gasoline motor with a diesel motor. Out of the box the default Honda Insight is rated at 40mpg city, 43mpg highway. During an 1,800-mile road […]

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Take Google Search 2.0 for a Spin

In an attempt to compete with the oncoming shit-house that is Microsoft’s Bing, Facebook’s real-time Search and everyone else generally wanting a piece of the Google pie, Google has pulled version 2 of Google Search out of the garage for some beta test runs while they tighten the screws over the coming months. You can […]

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