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Jimmy Cracks the Southern Baptists, and I Don't Care!!!

Now, when I say, “I don’t care,” what I mean to say is, “screw organized religion.” I think Jimmy Carter may be feeling that way, too.  If you didn’t see the news story, Jimmy Carter has decided – after 60 years – to leave the Southern Baptist cult because of their continued indifference towards women.  […]

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Screenshots

In preparation for the movie release of G.I. Joe, here’s some screenshots fresh off the EA-presses for the movie tie-in-game. I’m not clawing at my wallet at the moment: If you missed it, here’s the E3 announcement trailer… did EA spend an entire 5 months on this game? I think if they had just re-skinned […]

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The Anti-Snuggie, ShamWow and iPhone

Update #1: From the same author, the “Jesus Christ Sponge”: Update #2: Thanks to Ben Vanik for sending this one in, the new iPhone:

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Xbox 360 Broken, but Original Nintendo Still Working

Marc Chung just sent this one in, got a kick out of it:

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kallasoft SmugMug Album Downloader Announced

kallasoft would like to announce the initial release of the SmugMug Album Downloader. The purpose of this software is to help you download your albums from SmugMug onto your local machine on Windows, Linux or Mac. Comments and feedback welcome!

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Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [8.5/10 (for fans) 6.5/10 (for anyone else)] Set in 1991 the Ghostbusters game effectively serves as a de facto third movie This is a cannon installment in the series which will apparently be relevant to the actual third movie. Written by Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis, the game finds the Ghostbusters thriving and happy […]

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The Bizarre Side of Brainstorming…

First of all, would you believe that there are NO PICTURES on the internet of a giant, horse-sized werewolf dressed in travel knit? Disappointing, really. Anyway, so the following is an IM between me and my friend, Diane.  It had me in tears…please don’t expect it to make sense. Katie: Well, look what the pimp […]

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HTC Hero Review Uncovers Prominent Performance Issues

Engadget Mobile put up their (excellent) review of the HTC Hero recently and I got a lot of information out of that review that I hadn’t gotten anywhere else. More specifically the following highlights: Hardware – The hardware in the HTC Hero was rumored at one point to be improved upon the HTC Magic, that […]

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God, I Hate These Smarmy Atheists!

Atheism used to be just about not believing. Steve Perry would sing, “Don’t stop believin’,” atheists would answer, “Screw you, big nose,” and that was the extent of the rebellion. “Sorry, Mr. or Mrs. Religious Person. I’m busy baking muffins and I’m a non-believer. Good day.” That was it. These days it’s gotta be a […]

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The Canon PowerShot SX 1 IS Review – Could Have Been Great

Introduction I just purchased a Canon PowerShot SX 1 IS (not the SX10 — which has no HD video recording) to replace my existing Canon G9 (which is an excellent camera): What I really wanted out of the SX 1 IS was the 1080p @ 30fps video recording and improved zoom for traveling. Unfortunately when […]

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Using MoveFile on Windows for Unmovable Files

Grant Gochnauer sent in a handy tip on using the MoveFile utility on Windows to schedule locked files to be moved at the next system startup. I’m sharing this here so the next time you get some pesky spyware or virus on your machine, you have 1-more way to combat it.

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Army of Two: 40th Day – Army Co-Op, Take 2

I can only describe the first Army of Two game as a “huge let down” — the game was dripping with potential, but due to either a lack of time or vision the team couldn’t pull it all together into the co-op insanity and wonderment that it was suppose to be. You ended up with […]

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Awesome License Plates

Jerry Green sent in a little nugget — it seems that with the advent of SMS-speak and LOL-talk, the hilarity that is now ensuing at the DMV while registering for custom license plates is increasing. You can now customize your license plate to a degree that would have otherwise been gibberish 10 years ago, but […]

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Mac OS X Offers 2x Battery Life than Vista or Windows 7

I’m not a fan of Macs generally speaking, but due to recent realizations that Microsoft was never going to create an operating system that didn’t share fundamental behaviors with all past and present versions of Windows — I’ve decided to jump ship and get a computer that will “just work”. Keep in mind I don’t […]

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Totally Inappropriate Science Fair Projects

Marc Chung just sent in a link to what I think is a phenomenal idea from the folks over at the SomethingAweful forums — doctoring up science fair photos to something “inappropriate”… this shit is gold:

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Extreme Makeover: Don't Piss On My Leg and Tell Me It's Raining Edition

As you may or may not recall, I posted a rant on this site – which is no longer available – regarding this particular episode of Extreme Makeover.  Specifically, I wondered, quite astutely, how anyone really could allow their family to live like this.  After 6 months of this post floating adrift in a vast cybersea, […]

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Windows 7 – It Just Works… As Long as You Don't Use It

I’ve been using Windows 7 since the RC was announced a few months ago and we’ve had quite a bit to say about it — mostly all good. Over the last month I’ve noticed a trend in my Windows 7 install (that I use as my primary desktop and work machine) that was feeling all […]

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How to Install iPhone 3.0 Firmware on Jailbroken and Unlocked T-Mobile iPhone

NOTE: This is an update to our Firmware 2.2.1 Guide, which was an update to our Firmware 2.1 Guide, which was an update to our Firmware 2.0 Guide. Update #1: For 3G iPhone users, you have to turn off 3G before enabling WiFi right before unlocking in last section. Instructions updated. Update #2: For quick […]

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T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] The T-Mobile Sidekick LX is well-built piece of hardware combined with a customized Windows Mobile interface that some may love (teenagers?) but we don’t see it replacing any mobile warrior’s BlackBerries, iPhones or G1′s anytime soon. Review T-Mobile has released it’s latest iteration of the sidekick, the revamped 2007 version, […]

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Thoughts on Transformers 2 and Big-Budget Sequels

I’ve been wanting to see Transformers 2 since it was released, but noticed that every few days I watched the IMDB score, it would drop farther and farther down. Checking out Metacritic was even more dissuading, with a 35% overall score. I couldn’t believe how bad this movie sounded. I read comment after comment about […]

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Terminator Salvation (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [5.5 out of 10] Terminator Salvation is a terrible game whose unfinished feel, technical hickups and terribly scripted sequences all punish the player for trying to play it. Terminator Salvation has the feel of a game that only had 8 months of development time in order to make it’s launch along-side the movie. I […]

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Celebrities Year Book Photos Compared to Today

11points had a piece up showing 11 comparisons of celebrities from their high school year books and current date public images. About half of the year book photos resemble the celebrity that we know, love and hate today: While others were just down-right surprising: Not too shabby Seacrest… not too shabby at all. Anyway thought […]

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Wii MotionPlus + Grand Slam Tennis = Garbage

Ok so I bought into the hype-machine that is everything-Nintendo and plopped down my $19.99 for a Wii MotionPlus when it came out and along with the only other highly rated Wii MotionPlus-enabled game that launched with it: Grand Slam Tennis. Here’s my single sentence description of the experience for everyone that was curious “Was […]

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