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AntiVir Detecting HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen Virus on WordPress

Guys, if you are seeing something like this when you visit this site: It’s OK — It looks like AntiVir (among other antivirus companies) have decided to detect remote iFrame references in webpages as a “virus” — unfortunately WordPress (like this site) and many of the WordPress plugins make use of iFrames to work. A […]

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Great videos to annoy people with…for LIFE.

You will never. Ever. EVER. Hear the words “badger” or “mushroom” and not think of this from now on. You’re welcome. Likewise, this is an EXCELLENT video to show all your friends so that forevermore “ring ring ring ring ring” will mean something special to you. Pretty special, dude…pretty fuckin special… And if you are […]

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Pirates Aren't Just On the Water or Why Livenation is Now Dead to Me

A week ago I went to the NIN/JA tour, a farewell tour for Nine Inch Nails and a reunion tour for Jane’s Addiction. As I sit and reflect on just how good the show was, and it was great, I am still, a week later, having to lean to one side due to the enormous […]

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Microsoft Games the Bing Search Results

Saw this on Digg, they are search result comparisons between Google and Microsoft’s new “Bing” search engine with an $80 million ad campaign behind it: Given those results, I have to imagine Microsoft is going to allow advertisers to pay for higher search result placement — which, like this, will give us more helpful and […]

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California Reamin'…

Now, I had originally typed this post in a fit of rage over this exchange I had with this woefully misguided girl on whether or not gay marriage should be recognized.  She even went so far as sending me a message on Facebook telling me that she’s “sorry that I have been rejected by the […]

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