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Duke Nukem ForNEVER

Update #1: Confirmed, 3D Realms is dead. Big thanks to Ted Regulski for sending this one in and Laurence Hartje for the clever post title. ShackNews is reporting that 3D Realms is currently in a “situation”. The assumption, given that the company hasn’t released a game in 37 years, is that the “situation” is they […]

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Windows 7 – 4GB vs 8GB Performance

When I originally installed Windows 7 64-bit, I had 4GB in my machine. While the performance improvements I saw were noticable and appreciated, it was clear that Windows 7 was more than happy to consume all the RAM I could possibly throw at it: At the urging of Grant Gochanuer (happy owner of 12GB of […]

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Vote on the King of Fighters XII Box Art

Ignition Entertainment is asking the fans of The King of Fighters series (in preparation for KoF XII release) to hop over to the official KoF forums and vote on your favorite box art for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. King of Fighters is (one of / the only) remaining fighter that […]

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Dan Brown's Next Book: The Lost Symbol

I’ve been on a reading kick as of late… reading anywhere from 30mins to 2hrs at night before bed and loving it. I usually tend towards horror or sci-fi books, but also occasionally really enjoy a great biography or scientific book. At the behest of a few friends, I am finishing up Isaac Asimov’s The […]

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Thoughts on Windows 7 After 3 Days

Introduction It is no mystery that I’ve been part of the parade yelling “Vista Sucks!” since it’s inception – I’ve even taken the time to review Vista’s shortcomings for everyone willing to read it by only taking a look at changes in one program as an example of the half-assed decisions made throughout the entire […]

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Cat-Box-Sitting is a Law of Nature

Thanks goes out to Laurence Hartje for sending along probably the most precious thing I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks. Some folks were taking their recycling out to the trash and dropped a few cardboard boxes on their way down the drivway… on the return to pick the boxes back up, this is […]

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Verified by Visa is Useless

I was just shopping on Newegg and decided to purchase some more RAM for my computer. I added the item to my shopping card, hit purchase, entered my Credit Card info and hit Finish. I had forgotten that I had enabled the frustratingly stupid “Verified by Visa” check-out security process in the past… I somehow […]

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