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Did You Know enums Can Define Their Own Methods?

… I sure as hell didn’t, but found myself in a position the other day where I was thinking “Damn, I wish I could define a common method in this enum that I could call and not have to write another utility method…” Well, ask and ye shall receive… or something like that. Here’s the […]

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I have this thing about teeth.  It’s one of the first things I notice about people when I meet them, and I brush my own teeth with a rabid sort of OCD that makes the bristles of my toothbrush part like the red sea and lay flat against the plastic.  Suffice it to say, I […]

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Lenovo IdeaPad S10e – $298

For anyone looking for a Netbook, a hell of a deal for the Lenovo S10e — $50 cheaper (~15% discount) than the regular price from Newegg. From Dealsea: Go to Enter “familyandfriends” as passcode Click the following: “notebooks” > “ideapad” > “view S series” Under “IdeaPad S10 High capacity battery”, select “view models” Under […]

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NETGEAR ReadyNAS RAIDiator 4.1.5 Released

NETGEAR has made available the 4.1.5 release of the RAIDiator firmware (operating system) that their ReadyNAS line of personal NAS devices run. For those that aren’t familiar with the ReadyNAS line, they originally started as personal servers from a company named Infrant that provided more than just dumb network-attached disk space (like the Drobo), they […]

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A Sucking in Connecticut

Now y’all had to know I would go see this.  I plan on spoiling the everloving HELL right out of it, so if you plan on seeing it, just stop reading now. ****** Seriously, I am holding nothing back.  You have been warned. ****** Okay, so, I am fairly certain that most of you have […]

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Why the Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode is Scarier Than the Game Itself

One of the selling points of all of the new systems, particularly in reference to their various online services, is the ability to download extra content. This extra content varies from new levels, modes, characters, costumes, and anything else you can imagine. One of the first offerings out of the gate of Microsoft’s Xbox Live […]

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This is Why Linux Will Never Compete on the Desktop

About a year ago I started writing an article titled “Linux on the Desktop: 10 Years of Wasted Time”. I was trying to summarize why Linux does not compete on the desktop for the mainstream computer user. As a Linux user since RedHat 5.0, then a Gentoo user for years then a Mandrake user for […]

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Atari Hates Gamers – Riddick Locked to 3 Install Limit

Looks like some buzz going around the net that the DRM used on Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena for the PC (by Atari) is hard-locked to 3 install counts and then the game will not install again. (Thread 1, Thread 2) Early indications suggest that there isn’t even an support number to call […]

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Resident Evil 5 (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [9.0 out of 10] Resident Evil 5 continues the saga and ties the early games in the series back into the new storyline started in Resident Evil 4. The game trades solitary survival horror for intense co-op action. Retaining the control scheme and third person, over the shoulder perspective seen in Resident Evil 4, […]

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Virtua Tennis 2009 – 4 Player Co-op

If you are a fan of tennis (either games or the sport), I imagine you were torn last year between getting Virtua Tennis 3 or Top Spin 3 — I was, and I ended up getting both. Let me sum up the difference for you: Virtua Tennis series is more arcade-style tennis — meaning it’s […]

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Dear Science – Stop it…

See scientists, this is why nobody likes you. It’s not that you’re too smart for us, it’s because you make things like this: Thanks goes out to Marc Chung for atleast getting us introduced to the bringers of end-times. With Terminator Salvation release looming this Summer and these spider-robots being produced, I really have to […]

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The Longest Journey Screenshot

The Secret World – From the Creators of The Longest Journey

A little over a year ago I was in a gaming-slump… I had nothing interesting to play and was bored and wanted a good story to get lost in. After some seriously searching and sorting of “best games ever” lists, I finally came to the conclusion that FunCom’s The Longest Journey, even being almost 10 […]

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Acura Achieves Top NHTSA and IIHS Crash Safety Scores

As an appreciator (yes, I’m using that word) of fine automobiles that have a decent level of fit and finish and performance without the price tag of a German import, I was pretty happy to see Honda score (for the first time of any car out there) straight “A” scores across the board for Front, […]

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Idol Hands are the Devil's Playthings…

Or maybe he’s just been listening to this year’s finalists on Americal Idol…certainly, he must be in charge of song choice, if nothing else. I was thinking about what I could say about my addiction to American Idol.  Should I talk about how I look forward to the annual January audition shows as though it […]

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Left 4 Dead 12-Player Co-op Mod

Love Left 4 Dead? Wish you could play with 8 extra players instead of the usual 3 extra co-op players? Head over to and read through the tutorial to see how to do it (NOTE: it’s not drop-in easy)

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