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Netflix Bumps Blu-ray Access Price up 500%

Given the already impecable service we are receiving from Netflix, it looks like we are getting blessed with a price-hike as well for Blu-ray movie access. When HD disks (Blu-ray and HD-DVD) first dropped at Netflix, they were free for months. Then after Blu-ray won, Netflix shortly announced a premium price-hike for Blu-ray access that […]

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FriendMobilizer Brings Facebook to Android

While Facebook might openly hate Android, it’s hard to ignore the 114 other corporations around the globe that are committing to it’s expansion and rollout across the planet. Unfortunately one of the most obvious missing applications for Android thus far as been a Facebook client — not wanting to hold their breath until the 4 […]

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24 Samsung SSD RAID Array – 2 GB/sec

In a brilliant marketing move, Samsung sent 24 SSDs to a group to play with/benchmark and this is what they ended up doing with it: Building a dual, quad-core monster box With a 24-disk SSD RAID array The machine at it’s peak performance gets around 2 GB/sec (not gigaBIT, but gigaBYTE). To show off what […]

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