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Netflix Bumps Blu-ray Access Price up 500%

Given the already impecable service we are receiving from Netflix, it looks like we are getting blessed with a price-hike as well for Blu-ray movie access. When HD disks (Blu-ray and HD-DVD) first dropped at Netflix, they were free for months. Then after Blu-ray won, Netflix shortly announced a premium price-hike for Blu-ray access that […]

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The Grabbing Hands Grab All They Can…

Glommage. Glommage is a phrase that has been coined to represent the act of attempting to take what is not yours.  The original phrase is “glom onto,” but we have modernized it and put it to good use. There are really two types of glommage at play in any given scenario:  Typical glommage – which […]

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FriendMobilizer Brings Facebook to Android

While Facebook might openly hate Android, it’s hard to ignore the 114 other corporations around the globe that are committing to it’s expansion and rollout across the planet. Unfortunately one of the most obvious missing applications for Android thus far as been a Facebook client — not wanting to hold their breath until the 4 […]

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UMOA Exclusive: What Ever Happened to the Other Howard Stern?

With recent news that Anne Nicole Smith lawyer Howard K. Stern might have been responsible for the beloved model’s death two years ago, one or two people who might still give a shit are asking – Wait, is that other Howard Stern guy still alive? Well, after shock jock Stern’s marriage to some horse faced […]

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Burnin' Up for Your Love or My Trip to the Free Clinic

There was a time in this country when all you needed to constitute safe sex was a vasectomy and a 5th of vodka. Sure, there were STDS, but a quick dose of penicillin would sort you right out and you could get back to distribute your man juice like some kind of sexual Johnny Appleseed. […]

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Netflix Throttling Instant Video Streaming Performance for Viewers

What’s Going on with Netflix Streaming Performance? I noticed about 3 weeks ago my streaming video performance from Netflix has become unbearably slow. I’m on a 7 mbps Qwest DSL line in Tucson, AZ and my previous experience with Netflix “Watch Instantly” service had generally been excellent, almost never showing the buffering screen for a […]

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Facebook is the new CRACK!

I will admit that there is definitely a certain intangible appeal to Facebook.  Perhaps it’s the voyeuristic attributes that allow you to simply rifle through someone’s profile as though it were their medicine cabinet, or perhaps it’s the ability to add friends to your Facebook account like you are adding rats to a maze, and […]

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Vizio VF550XVT 120hz LCD Soon to be Replaced by LED-based VF551XVT

While grinding through the 20-page AVS Forum thread for the Vizio VF550XVT 120hz LCD, I noticed that there was talk of “waiting until July” because Vizio had some much-anticipated plans to release an LED-based 551 model bump to the 550.  One thing I ntoiced in the Vizio thread was a lot of comparisons made between […]

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Help me, Doc! I have March Madness!

March Madness. I’ve never had it. I’ve had spring fever. I’ve been cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. I even had a touch of the AIDS until I beat it with Robitussin. But I’ve never gotten March Madness. Maybe it’s because I don’t watch college sports. College, my Grampy used to say, is a time for cheating […]

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24 Samsung SSD RAID Array – 2 GB/sec

In a brilliant marketing move, Samsung sent 24 SSDs to a group to play with/benchmark and this is what they ended up doing with it: Building a dual, quad-core monster box With a 24-disk SSD RAID array The machine at it’s peak performance gets around 2 GB/sec (not gigaBIT, but gigaBYTE). To show off what […]

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Apple Mass-Purchases Touchscreens from Wintek — For Netbooks?

While it’s surely a mockup right now, the picture above might not be so far off from a 10″ Mac Netbook from Apple rumored to be approaching Q3 of 2009. The movement in the industry that seems to have tipped Apple’s hand early (besides everyone waiting for a Netbook from Apple for about 20 years […]

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Windows 7 on a Lenovo Ideapad S10e Netbook

At the end of January I ordered a nice shiny Lenovo Ideapad S10e from I managed to get a decent price that didn’t hurt the pocketbook, and it was a new toy that I could endlessly experiment with. I started to install a wide variety of operating systems to check for support and to […]

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With This Vulgar Display of Gilded Crap, I Thee Wed…

This wedding dress looks like the floor of my hallway on laundry day.  Nothing like exchanging vows with your beloved looking like a prostitute wrapped in a comforter. My latest guilty reality TV pleasure is Platinum Weddings.  With each episode, obscenely wealthy couples spend the national debt to plan their wedding as if to say, […]

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Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [9.8  out of 10] After nine long years, the series that launched a genre is back and brings with it an enormously tight fighting system, gorgeous animation, a modest suite of extra modes, a solid online multiplayer, and all the characters that made it so dear. Street Fighter IV brings everything one would expect […]

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