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Explanations of Common Java Exceptions

Huge thanks to Marc Chung for sending along this great reference. It’s a breakdown of all the JDK exceptions and textual descriptions of what they represent — so if you are designing your own API or just working on your own app and want to make sure your use of particular exceptions (e.g. IllegalArgumentException) is […]

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Rihanna is Whitney Houston

I think we can all agree that Rihanna is a good looking woman… she’s pretty much the opitome of “pop star” — good looking, tallented, no personal drama, no demons in her closet like drugs or alcohol… she does her thing, and we buy her CDs. Rihanna has been dating Chris Brown for a while […]

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Intel X25-M SSDs Performance Degrades Over Time

With the recent discovery by Anandtech that JMicron-based cheap SSDs can introduce multi-second lockup/lag in a system and that Intel’s ultra-pricey X25-M SSDs didn’t suffer from the problem, it was looking like folks that had to have an SSD and were willing to pay for it had a chance at salvation… not so fast. PC […]

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AT&T Logo

AT&T Cell Network Sucking Hard for the iPhone Recently?

AT&T invented illegal wiretapping, monopolies and crushing corporate power, but what they also bring to the table is exclusive rights to Apple’s much-desired iPhone. When the iPhone was first announced on the AT&T network, I still remember the following response from a group of friends about 20-strong: 50% – Sweet! I’m getting one! 50% – […]

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Infrant ReadyNAS NV+

Slow Printing with ReadyNAS NV+

Every since I got my Infrant (now NETGEAR) ReadyNAS NV+, I’ve been using the Print Server feature of it to hook my HP LaserJet 1200 series printer to it. Unfortunately, it’s always exhibited strange printing behavior, more specifically: From most applications, the first time I try and print, the Print job/command is completely ignored. So […]

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God of War III HD Game Trailer

Those are tears you see in my eyes… tears of Olympus-joy… of blood-spilling, pixel-boob-admiring Olympus-joy. The God of War III trailer is out, and is no more of this sneak-peak stuff from before — it’s gameplay-proper: For the HD version, click here.

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Lenovo – 25% off Thinkpad T Notebooks

From Dealsea Lenovo is offering additional 10-25% off on ThinkPad notebooks and other products with eCoupon “USPTHREEDAYSALE” thru 2/12. [Comments] NEW! 25% off ThinkPad T series Laptops 15% off ThinkPad R, X, Tablet, W Laptops 10% off ThinkPad SL Laptops 15% off IdeaPad Y Series & U Series Laptops 15% off ThinkCentre and ThinkStation Desktops […]

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World Map of Undersea Cables from 1901

(Click Image to Enlarge) This absolutely fascinates me… what you see above is a world map from Eastern Telegraph from 1901 showing the break-down of the companies world-wide wiring networks. You think of what we have today, and I’m still impressed that ships can spool out and drop down enough cable, long enough, to run […]

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Dead Rising 2 Screenshots & Viral Trailer

Well it’s official, Capcom confirmed today that the leaked viral trailer on YouTube that many thought was the trailer for Dead Rising 2 is infact the trailer, more specifically, this: No release date set yet, but it looks like the new plague takes place in Las Vegas, with the story playing out in a casino […]

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Splatterhouse Trailer Looking Pretty Sharp

The new Splatterhouse trailer dropped recently and honestly, it looks pretty good. Sort of a combination between the theme of Painkiller, mixed with the gameplay of Prince of Persia a bit, combined with some God of War — hard to go wrong there! The one annoying thing with this trailer (not the game) is that […]

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Left 4 Dead in 3D w/ Super Bowl Glasses

This is badass, gamerslastwill put together some quick tips on how to re-use those 3D glasses from the Super Bowl, and NVIDIA’s new 3D-enabled drivers (from the GeForce 3D Vision technology) to get some 3D-effects while playing Left 4 Dead. You’ll need the following things before you get started: Windows Vista or XP Nvidia 8xxx […]

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