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First X-Men Origins: Wolverine Trailer

Being a long time fan of X-Men and Wolverine comics I was excited to read the Jaunary issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly’s interview with Dan Vondrak the Project Lead for  X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Vondrak admits what anyone who played the previous Wolverine games already knows, Wolverine is not nearly as cool in game as he […]

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Using Fail2Ban to prevent Brute Force Attacks

Has your SOHO server been seeing a lot of failed ssh attempts from ipaddresses unknown to you? If so, you might be suffering from a brute force attack. These types of attack attempt to break into your box by trying to guess usernames and passwords. They are typically run on zombified computers from all over […]

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I Am Not Looking for the Holy Grail but Walmart Seems to Think I Am

It is a well known fact that our country is currently in dire straights economically. There are many reasons for this from unchecked corporate spending to bad tax policies but I think one reason that is overlooked is the fact that shopping is a huge pain in the ass and stores never have what you […]

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Eating Your Cat is Just as Important… in Japan

Ok, so I was in a heated argument with one of the writers here recently over my expectations of what they are going to do when they get to China — I was going to specifically demand they get one of those floppy-eared kittens that the Japanese love so much: so naturally I typed “Japanese […]

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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [7 out of 10] Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is a third-person shooter. As the name suggests you play as a mercenary. At the start of the game one of your employers double-crosses you. The remainder of the game is spent working your way up the food chain until to can get your revenge. […]

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Android Market "MemoryUp Personal" App Possibly Destroying Data

Possible rumors floating around that the MemoryUp Personal Android Market application is destroying personal data as well as installing adware. So far the evidence seems circumstantial, but a connection between installing that app and lost email, spammed email accounts, adware showing up and SD cards being wiped clean are all getting reported. This brings up […]

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Unofficial Multi-Touch Support for T-Mobile G1

Luke Hutchinson recently blogged about the steps required to get a hacked implementation of multi-touch on your T-Mobile G1. The result is some OK mutli-touch, but not yet on par with the likes of the iPhone: The process isn’t for the weak of heart, as it requires reflashing your G1′s firmware with a modified one […]

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The World's Largest Breasts

Sheyla Hershey has been declared as the woman with the world’s biggest breasts. Hershey wasn’t born with these breasts, but rather got them as the result of 9 operations… the 9th one she wasn’t able to get done in the US because US doctors refused to do more work on her, for fear that her […]

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Cleaning the House Is Adorable – Kittens Riding a Roomba

This is just retardedly cute… there really isn’t any reason for you to not watch this 10x in quick succession:

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Dammit Fido…

If a mouse can do THIS, why the HELL can’ t I get you to even SIT when I tell you to!??

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Mephisto Backup

I’ve recently ran across a unique little backup utility called Mephisto. The program is a command line tool written in Java that incorporates rsync and tar to do filesystem backups to a remote filesystem or local image. Of course utilities like this are great for doing system duplication, and especially great when you roll your […]

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25 Random Things that None of You Could Possibly Care Less About!!!

Okay, this is one of those God-awful survey things circulating around Facebook, right now, so I will post MY answers for everyone to see: Rules Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. […]

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GameFly's Top Rented Games of 2008, the online game rental site, released their top requested games of 2008.  I was looking at the list and a couple things jumped out at me.  First, almost all of these games are rated M.  Second, there is only one game for the Wii on the list, and that game is on pretty much […]

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Cupcakes! No Cupcake!? "Stains" Goes to his Happy Place

I know how you feel, buddy. I go into a catatonic state when I’m deprived of cupcakes too.

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Ubisoft Announces More Sequels

Don’t get me wrong, I generally like games that Ubisoft makes, but they seem to be playing it safe quite a bit this year. They announced today they will be releasing sequels for Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Red Steel, and Ghost Recon before March of 2010.  I’m sure these will be good quality games that […]

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Fallout 3 (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [9.8 out of 10] Bethesda’s take on the Fallout series re-imagined as a spiritual successor to the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3 looks a bit suspect on paper.  It seemed kind of like Bethesda was just trying to shoe horn the series into an already familiar mold to take the easy way out. As […]

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Shelby Brings Ludicrous Electric Speed to the "World's Fastest Production Car" a.k.a Ultimate Aero.

Today Shelby SuperCars (SCC) released more details on their electric supercar, the Ultimate Aero EV. SCC has essentially replaced the powertrain on their Ultimate Aero which they claim is the “World’s Fastest Production Car” with an all-electric scalable powertrain (AESP). Before proceeding I just want to highlight the key details that this AESP provides for […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour February DLC

I got a press release from Activision today laying out their song release plans for February.  Here is the quick breakdown or you can read the full release below. While it would be nice to see releases weekly for Guitar Hero: World Tour, but even without weekly releases I’m glad to see a month’s worth […]

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VitualBox 2.1.2 Released

You might have noticed that VirtualBox 2.1.2 has been released into the wild. While there is a laundry list of changes, a few performance and stability enhancements for Mac OS X were on the top of want my list. While Parallels and VMWare offer commercial solutions, Sun backed VirtualBox offers many similar features for free. […]

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iPhones Could Soon Get OBEX File Transfer Protocol Added to Their Bluetooth Profile

An article published today on Ars Technica, reports that the iBluetooth Project announced that they will soon be adding OBEX to the current set of Bluetooth profiles on the iPhone. In their 6th status update, they write: We can now release which profile will be available first: (could I get a drum roll?) -OBEX push […]

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Microsoft Hosting a Huge Gears of War 2 Sweepstakes

Starting next week Microsoft is running a 13 day long Gear of War 2 Play and Win contest.  February 1st through 13th each day you play will get you an entry to win a 40 inch 1080p LCD TV plus a lot of other Gears of War 2 themed prizes. Despite not knowing a single […]

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Turtle Beach Ear Force X4 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

Summary [8 out of 10] The Turtle Beach Ear Force X4 are an excellent set of wireless gaming headphones that get dinged a point for the IR-interference issue from Plasma HDTV sets and dinged for the voice monitoring and auto-volume adjustment not behaving very effectively. Review Any gamer that lives with non-gaming family members has […]

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Beginners Guide to Quick File Listing Using Ruby

As a beginner to the Ruby language, I often found myself needing feedback listing which files are in a given directory. Ruby, for that reason alone, has been a quick savior. A couple of Google searches on this topic will land you somewhere near the Ruby class Dir. Dir is a part of the standard […]

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Hey! Does This Look Infected to You?

There.  Now that I have your attention… We are trying to write this damn book about ghosts in Phoenix.  Now, I say “damn book” because every single place we try to contact refuses to participate because, evidently, writing about the paranormal is akin to having leprosy. Even though we have one really successful book under […]

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