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Unofficial Multi-Touch Support for T-Mobile G1

Luke Hutchinson recently blogged about the steps required to get a hacked implementation of multi-touch on your T-Mobile G1. The result is some OK mutli-touch, but not yet on par with the likes of the iPhone: The process isn’t for the weak of heart, as it requires reflashing your G1’s firmware with a modified one […]

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The World's Largest Breasts

Sheyla Hershey has been declared as the woman with the world’s biggest breasts. Hershey wasn’t born with these breasts, but rather got them as the result of 9 operations… the 9th one she wasn’t able to get done in the US because US doctors refused to do more work on her, for fear that her […]

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Video Games Show First Signs of Dominating Entertainment Market

From At least in terms of consumer spending, retail video games were more popular than DVD and Blu-ray discs in 2008, according to an international research group. Games accounted for 53 percent of entertainment software spending worldwide, Media Control GfK International said. These figures do not include movie or game rentals. The momentum is […]

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Intel Announces Price Cuts

Intel, in a move to “kick AMD in the trash”, ran price cuts across their entire lineup of chips; some drops by as much as 40%. The list looks like this: Desktops – Quad-Core 3.0Ghz Q9650 = $316 2.83Ghz Q9550 = $266 2.66Ghz Q9400 = $213 2.50Ghz Q8300 = $183 2.33Ghz Q8200s = $163 Desktops […]

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Vizio VP505XVT 50″ Plasma TV – King of Value, PC Mag Editor’s Choice

Some quick background, Vizio broke out onto the scene with the most value-minded (read: cheapest) televisions at Costco and eventually other major retailers, servicing the middle to low end crowd with affordible HDTVs that performed OK. Since then Vizio’s business and ability to execute at delivering increasingly better panels, still targeted to the mid-range, have […]

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