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Pure (PS3) Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Pure is a polished, accessible, technically savvy, beautiful offroad racing game that fans of the genre should pickup without hesitation and folks that enjoy racing should absolutely check out. The Great The graphics are excellent. Very polished and complete, clearly coming out of a high-end study as there were not […]

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T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Video Review

As a compliment to our in-depth review of the T-Mobile G1, the Break it Down Blog has also put together an extensive, 4-part video review of the T-Mobile G1 for you as well. The reason we complimented the original review of the G1 with a video review is because buying a cell phone is hard, […]

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UI Design Can Be Funny Sometimes… Again

Right after we got done laughing about Mixx’s somewhat mixed message on it’s “do more!” submission confirmation page, we tried out Google’s Friend Connect (integrated on the right hand side of the site if you are interested) and saw an even more interesting placement of conflicting functions: Pretty great if you ask us… immediately after […]

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Google Friend Connect Added to Break it Down

If you are wondering what that chat-box-looking-thing on the right hand side of the screen is, that’s the Google Friend Connect members widget. We’ve decided to give Friend Connect a trial run for about a month and see if it ads values to the Break it Down Blog community. The purpose of the service is […]

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T-Mobile G1 (Android Phone) Review

Update #1: We have also put up a 4-part T-Mobile G1 video review for readers as well. Summary [7.5 out of 10] The T-Mobile G1 is an excellent “first-mover” Android-based phone from T-Mobile and is truly a “Google Phone”. If you are already have most of your life on Google through one of their many […]

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Object Oriented-Style CSS Inheritance Tip

I was trying to figure out recently how to apply multiple CSS styles to a single element. What I wanted to be able to do was define a single base style for a particular element, let’s say the P tag, and then define a multitude of differing additional styles for that same tag, like a […]

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UI Design Can Be Funny Sometimes

The other day I was posting something to Mixx (it’s a social news site, like Digg) and noticed on the submission confirmation page there was something interesting about the flow of additional “promotion” work I could do for my story: It’s minor and I think overall (even this screen) that Mixx has an excellent UI […]

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Sony's Poor Playstation 3 Sales and Marketing Isn't Sabotage – It's Just Sony

The Washington Times’s Sonny Bunch wrote an article recently that raked Sony over the coals for: No price cut this holiday season — instead they actually released a more expensive bundle Not properly promoting DVD-upscaling capabilities of the PS3 No Netflix (or other 3rd party) streaming movie support This is all in the wake of […]

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Silent Hill: Homecoming Review (PS3)

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Silent Hill: Homecoming is a perfect fit in the existing Silent Hill lineage. Fans of the series will look past some slightly weak graphics and directly at the surreal dream-like settings the series is so good at like the Silent Hill sound track, well-executed characters and getting a great story […]

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Animal Holiday Cutes!

Not really much to say, the only purpose of these types of post is to shove cut right in your eyes so you cannot concentrate and have to devour it all. I might suggest forwarding the cutest ones off to your friends to cheer them up as well… or else they will hate you; I […]

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Huge Playstation Home Screenshot Tour

After our initial snag of getting into the Playstation Home Beta, we finally got in and wanted to give you guys a heads-up with regard to what you can expect, if it’s worth a PS3, and what we thought of it. Introductory Thoughts Given how this service is designed (explained below) it looks like these […]

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Playstation Home Launch Hits a Few Snags

Well I finally got around to installing the new Playstation Home client that launched yesterday and tried to login to Home for about 20mins where I was only met with the above screen – retry after retry. At first glance, I’d have to say the avatars and environments seem to be very “Second Life 2.0” […]

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