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In Case You Were Sleeping Through 2008…

Here’s the year in a nutshell for you:

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Z2K9: 30GB Zunes Everywhere Locking Up for the New Year

It seems that Microsoft’s “iPod Killer” 30GB Zune players are all failing in unison as the New Year approaches across the globe for some reason. On startup, as the device boots, it seems to hang at the last bit of the boot process — the worst part is that the devices all seem to have […]

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Pure (PS3) Review

Summary [8.0 out of 10] Pure is a polished, accessible, technically savvy, beautiful offroad racing game that fans of the genre should pickup without hesitation and folks that enjoy racing should absolutely check out. The Great The graphics are excellent. Very polished and complete, clearly coming out of a high-end study as there were not […]

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This Week's Music Game DLC – 12/30/2008

With only 2 days left in 2008 both Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour released some additional downloadable content.  All seven of the songs released between the two games will cost you $2 each (160 Microsoft Points). For both Rock Band and Rock Band 2 there are four new songs. “Space Truckin’”–Deep Purple “Hymn […]

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Nobody Raped Your Childhood, Loser

Before there was an internet, you REALLY had to want your media news. If you wanted to know what the newest box office reports were, you had to really dig or watch hours of E! or Entertainment Tonight. You had to have your Entertainment Weekly and Variety subscriptions. You had to do the work to […]

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Panasonic Set to Release New Powerline Adapters at CES

PCWorld reports that Panasonic has announced they will be debuting some new Powerline devices at CES this year (in less than 2 days!). We can only hope that these new powerline adapters are the HomePlug Powerline AV II spec-compliant devices that we’ve been waiting for… for like 2 years. The hope being that the Powerline […]

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Wii Rock Band 2 Store Coming Soon

Given the number of comments on the other post about the Wii version of Rock Band 2 I suspect that many of you reading this are like most Wii owners that were hoping that that when Rock Band 2 finally released for the Wii it would have the same features as the Xbox 360 and […]

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Fre XBLA Game if You Sign Up for Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft is running a promotion between now and January 5th, 2009.  Sign up for an Xbox Live Gold account and they’ll give you a free Xbox Live Arcade game.  Sound to good to be true?  Well, there are a few stipulations. First, you can’t use a prepaid card to sign up. To qualify you must […]

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Tabula Rasa Now Free

If you’ve been thinking of checking out Tabula Rasa but have not wanted to pay for a monthly subscription today’s announcement is great news for you.  Not only is Tabula Rasa free going forward, but they released a lot of additional content today too.  Sound too good to be true?  Well there is a catch. […]

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Santa Clause Real; Boy Releases Sex Book

Santa Claus is real. The atheists are wrong, and it was proven recently in Texas when a nine-year-old girl wrote a letter to Mr. Kringle in her class with the following list of things she wanted: 1. An Xbox system 2. A Barbie doll 3. For the crazy man that lives with us to stop […]

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SmugMug Java API Download Links Fixed

Guys, sorry for the SmugMug Java API Download links being broken for a bit, I did an upgrade and forgot to update the paths. All the download links have been fixed. Thanks for using the API!

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It Slices, It Dices, It Juliennes!!!!

You know what I miss about the Christmas of my youth?  The commercials.  I spent my childhood during the years before cable, and networks were deluged with commercials that evoked more holiday spirit than an entire rack of Hallmark cards.  It never felt like Christmas until I heard the first peal of those cheap, jangly […]

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500 Shots Per Minute Nerf Gun

I don’t know about you but personally the idea of a Nerf gun that fires 500 shots in a minute sounds like a lot of fun.  Fortunately, the guys over at Mana Energy Potion have hacked the Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 to fire “about as fast as a 7.62mm M60 Machine gun,” that is roughly the […]

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Guitar Hero: Metallica Trailer

While Activision has not yet even announced Guitar Hero: Metallica yet that has not stopped Metallica from releasing a trailer for it on their website. If you’re a Metallica fan and thinking of getting the game when it releases be prepared for some pretty hard some. Here is the trailer:

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A Few End of Year Xbox Live Arcade Stats

Microsoft decided to wrap up the year by releasing some stats for us about Xbox Live Arcade.  Seems like Xbox Live Arcade had a good year and is continuing to grow.  Here is the run down: Over 100 million achievements have been unlocked on XBLA That is over 1.25 billion Gamerscore points. Braid is highest […]

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Crackdown 2 Coming?

I don’t know about anyone else, but Crackdown is one of my favorite co-op games.  The freedom of running around an open city and jumping from rooftop to rooftop with a friend is great fun.  Not to mention the addictive hunt for every orb.  So, when I came across some rumors that Crackdown 2 might […]

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This is Why We Listen to House

He’s not really a doctor, he just plays one on TV… or so I THOUGHT! But Dr. House is my new doctor. They said you can get worms in your brain on the last episode I watched, just from eating undercooked bad pork. I thought it was artistic shitty same-plotline-every-episode shenanigans to keep things interesting, […]

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Lego Batman (Xbox 360) Review

Summary [8 out of 10] Over 30 levels of Lego fun.  Play 15 of them as Batman/Robin and another 15 as the Villains. Play through the story of an Arkham Asylum escape and the ensuing crime spree.  Find and unlock all of Batman’s suits and vehicles and use them to protect Gotham as the Dark […]

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Fable 2 Expansion Knothole Island Delayed

Observant folks on’s Fable II page noticed today that the release date for the Fable 2 downloadable content Knothole Island has been delayed.  Originally set to release next week on December 22nd, the page now informs everyone in nice red letters that it has been delayed until sometime in late January because of […]

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Fable 2 Gameplay – A Little To Close to Home?

Up My Own Ass has a story titled “Epic Fail or My Reputation Has Obviously Preceded Me” — which is a damn funny take on how Fable 2′s “real world” gameplay might hit too close to home… specifically in the sex & relationships area, here’s a snippet: So it started off with me dancing a […]

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Epic Fail or My Reputation Has Obviously Preceded Me

I’ve been playing video games since I was a kid, back in the 80′s heyday of the arcades. I played them as much as I could and after having the knock-off specialist Texas Instruments system during those days, I have gone out of my way to own the systems that I want. After the N64 […]

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For Some Work Day Entertainment at the Expense of Other Unfortunate Motorists…

This just makes me giggle and giggle. Check out these cars trying to make it up an icy hill on this time-lapse video. Yay for living in Arizona and not having to deal with this crap!

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Instrument Compatibilty Matrix

Rock Band 2 – Guitar Hero World Tour Instrument Compatibility

With the gift giving season upon us I’ve noticed a lot people with questions about which music game peripherals are compatible with each other.  With three different gaming consoles and two major new music games released recently there are a lot of possible game to instrument combinations available. Fortunatley jas put together a Compatibility […]

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Play Icon

Develop using the Play! Framework

Not too long ago I posted an article on the Play! framework. The framework has some promising features that really helps develop web applications in Java. To show how easy it is to use, I wanted to demonstrate with an example. Update #1: Since the article posting there have been a couple of suggestions for […]

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