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VE3D: Fallout 3, 37hrs in and Still Not Done

I don’t think I have the stamina for this game, but the VE3D crew is 37hrs into Fallout 3, and still not done with it: Thirty-seven hours in, I’ve become a vampire, been hailed a saviour, a bigot, and a lover extraordinaire. I’ve battled Super Mutants, Radscorpions, and all manner of nasties. I’ve left the […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Compatible with Rock Band Instruments

Guitar Hero: World Tour Compatible with Rock Band Instruments

… but that won’t stop Activision (Guitar Hero publishers) from acting like children. Apparently the wording on the Rock Band games is essentially “compatible with most music game controllers”, while Activisions position is “Activision expressly prohibits the use of non-Guitar Hero controllers”… but they are still compatible. So these franchises agreed to make their devices […]

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New Killzone 2 Trailer

Not too shabby, a new trailer from the Sony/Guerrilla camp for Killzone 2: Few things that I noticed: Some non-fluid animations “Bubble” looking explosions in a few places (think Quake 2 for an over-exaggerated example of what I mean) Great sounds Some nice effects of materials you don’t typically see rendered well in video games […]

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Universal to Make 'Army of Two' Movie

Electronics Arts has announced plans to bring Army of Two to the big screen. Scott Stuber will produce the film through Stuber Productions. Scott Z. Burns has also signed on to adapt the game for the silver screen.  Scott Z. Burns is most notably known for his work on The Bourne Ultimatum, which he co-wrote […]

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Hackers Already Working on Hacking T-Mobile G1

BoingBoing reports that folks on Freenode’s #android IRC channel are already getting down and dirty with the device, trying to unlock access to some of the device-level functions (like GPS) that currently require signed code to access: I hacked my camera’s firmware manually by using an exploit to cause it to execute arbitrary code – […]

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Good Old Games Public Beta Launches

It’s here, Good Old Games (GOG) Public Beta! We covered the announcement of Good Old Games back in June. The idea behind the service being that the guys who brought you The Witcher, CD Projekt, have bought the rights to classic PC titles in order to recondition them to run on the latest operating system, […]

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Open Source DRM Solution, Marlin, Ready for Distribution

Marlin Developer Community claims to have ready the first Open Source DRM solution that is ready for rollout. The co-chairman of the Marlin Developer Community claims the open-source system is far less oppressive than those from rivals such as Apple and Microsoft, allowing users to share content between any Marlin-enabled device in the home rather […]

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Foot Bunion

Broken English Spam is Awesome

Spam is usually an annoyance, but sometimes the language is either so extreme (old Spermmax ads anyone?) or so broken that it’s just hilarious. I got an email today that was the latter: Dearest One, I am so sorry if I may interrupt or violate your policy in any way,I have a proposal for you-this […]

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Facebook: "Android sucks, it doesn’t matter"

TechCrunch reports that the lack of an Android Facebook app in the Android Market Place is not a mistake and you probably don’t want to hold your breath waiting. Apparently the bad blood between Google and Facebook started when Facebook chose Microsoft as it’s advertising partner; in and of itself, not that bad of a […]

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No Plans to Fix PSP-3000 Screen Issues Says Sony

Unfortunately it looks like all you owners of the PSP-3000 are forced to either deal with it or downgrade to the PSP 2000. Sony Computer Entertainment of America (SCEA) has issued an official response, which you can read below. On some occasions, scan lines may appear on scenes where brightness changes drastically, due to the […]

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Aliens Exist! Extensive Flying Saucer Video

Thanks to Laurence Hartje for sending this in. It appears that many hours worth of video was taken of flying saucers visible over Turkey. The video has been delivered to the Sirius UFO Space Science Research Center and analyzed frame-by-frame, confirming that the video is legit and untampered with. I’m hiding under my bed now […]

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T-Mobile G1 Android 1.1 Update Tomorrow

For all the 10 trillion people that got T-Mobile G1 phones today, you will have an Android 1.1 update pushed out to you over the data network tomorrow. We have no idea how this will work for folks that are still in non-3G areas, it’s possible the phone will detect no 3G connection and prompt […]

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