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Awesome Halloween Costumes: The Pet Edition

If you’re going to be that amazing, your sidekick has to be too.

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All Right, if Your Lazy Ass Hasn't Gotten a Halloween Costume Yet….

Here are some ideas to get your butt in gear. You know you want to be this awesome.

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Untangle offers VPN, Snort, Firewall, and Much More!

If you have ever been involved in setting up a small to mid size network that requires full access to roadwarriors, the ability to detect intrusions, and the need for a firewall, then you will know that it is no easy task. The commercial cost of this alone is enough to consume your entire budget […]

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Always a Trick, Never a Treat

Halloween stinks! Just as much as the metal band Helloween, who, even in my teen metalhead days, I couldn’t take seriously. There are three things I can’t stand: green peas, Norwegians, and anyone who refers to Halloween as a “holiday.” It ain’t a holiday. Any more than Valentine’s Day or your stupid birthday, no matter […]

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Beatles Video Game Announced

The President of MTV Networks, Van Toffler, made the official announcement yesterday that Harmonix/MTV Games and Apple Corp will be making a video game featuring the music of the The Beatles. Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos also said that it’s not just a “Rock Band” song expansion pack; it will be “a new, full-grown, custom game […]

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Windows 7: What We Know So Far

A lot of info has been put released this week about Windows 7.  If you’ve not yet seen any info about Windows 7 then I’d recommend checking out Technologizer’s first impressions. From the info that Microsoft has put out so far it seems like Windows 7 will have a pretty small system footprint allowing it […]

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Warning: Guitar Hero World Tour Drums May Be Fault

Across the internet reports are coming in that the Guitar Hero World Tour drums are having issues.  Most of these reports are complaining about the cymbals registering extra hits or the pads not registering hits unless played very hard.  Today Activision confirmed that there are “sensitivity issues” with the drums and that they would be […]

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Handling Exceptions in Ruby

Dealing with exceptions is a big part of any object oriented programmer’s job. We need to be able to recover from things like connect failures or syntax errors, and do so gracefully. Thankfully, raising and “rescuing” exceptions in Ruby is a fairly easy task. Let’s start with a basic example. We all know that dividing […]

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VE3D: Fallout 3, 37hrs in and Still Not Done

I don’t think I have the stamina for this game, but the VE3D crew is 37hrs into Fallout 3, and still not done with it: Thirty-seven hours in, I’ve become a vampire, been hailed a saviour, a bigot, and a lover extraordinaire. I’ve battled Super Mutants, Radscorpions, and all manner of nasties. I’ve left the […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Compatible with Rock Band Instruments

… but that won’t stop Activision (Guitar Hero publishers) from acting like children. Apparently the wording on the Rock Band games is essentially “compatible with most music game controllers”, while Activisions position is “Activision expressly prohibits the use of non-Guitar Hero controllers”… but they are still compatible. So these franchises agreed to make their devices […]

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New Killzone 2 Trailer

Not too shabby, a new trailer from the Sony/Guerrilla camp for Killzone 2: Few things that I noticed: Some non-fluid animations “Bubble” looking explosions in a few places (think Quake 2 for an over-exaggerated example of what I mean) Great sounds Some nice effects of materials you don’t typically see rendered well in video games […]

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Smashing Pumpkins

I love Halloween.  I love pumpkins.  So, it was a no-brainer that I volunteer us to chaperon on a field trip to a pumpkin patch for our son’s 5th grade class. Then I remembered that I hate other people’s kids. I don’t know WHY I can’t retain that vital piece of information, but I am […]

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Are 1200 ($15) Microsoft Points The New 800 ($10)?

Up until August there were only 2 games on Xbox Live Arcade that cost over $10.  These were Roboblitz, which came out in December 2006 for 1200 points ($15 dollars), and Penny Arcade Adventures, which released this last May for 1600 points ($20 dollars). Since August there have been 3 more titles which all released […]

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Setting up Apache Tomcat 6.x and ZK in Ubuntu

Apache Tomcat is the name in JSP, and you’ll need to get a copy before being able to try out the many cool web applications and frameworks out there (like ZKoss’s ZK). Finding a development need to run JSP pages (and wanting to try out ZK), I decided to get the latest Tomcat version (6.0.18) […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Reviews Suggest Not Better Than Rock Band 2

Uh oh, it looks like we might have been wrong on this one. Preliminary reviews of Guitar Hero: World Tour suggest that things might not be as rosey in the Guitar Hero camp as originally thought with their first foray into the “full band” experience. Unlocking Songs In previous Guitar Hero titles songs were always […]

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Zombie Invasion Coming

Zombies and video games have always gone well together. In the past there have been some great zombie based games like Dead Rising, the Alone in the Dark series, and the Resident Evil series. While these games have their fans they don’t tend to be as mainstream as titles like the Call of Duty and […]

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$700 Billion Bailout Is Not For Loans, It's to Encourage Bank Mergers

Remember that $700 billion bail-out that was forced down Congress’s throat with fear of military law being declared in the US if it wasn’t signed? Remember how we said that everything taking place during that time (and now) maps perfectly to the market crash of the 1930s? And how we mentioned that the long-term fallout […]

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Students Face Suspension for 'Hit a Jew Day'

For their attempt to unselfishly add yet another Jewish holiday to the calendar, five Missouri sixth graders face suspension and mini-sensitivity training. It happened during “Spirit Week,” and in the spirit of the school’s “Hug a Friend Day,” (By the way, it’s days with this name that should truly be banned) that these young go-getters […]

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Universal to Make 'Army of Two' Movie

Electronics Arts has announced plans to bring Army of Two to the big screen. Scott Stuber will produce the film through Stuber Productions. Scott Z. Burns has also signed on to adapt the game for the silver screen.  Scott Z. Burns is most notably known for his work on The Bourne Ultimatum, which he co-wrote […]

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NXE Avatars

How to Get the New Xbox Experience Early

For those of you who have not heard the “New Xbox Experience” is the upcoming dashboard update for the Xbox 360.  It is scheduled for release on November 19th and includes a large number of changes including: Netflix Streaming XNA Community Games Avatars Xbox Live Marketplace on the Web Updated Games Marketplace Plus a complete […]

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Happy Halloween-Ass-Cheeks

Robert Heron just sent this one in, and I think you should try it… seriously, and send us pictures.

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"Gamer" Stereotypes Slowly Changing

Having been a gamer for over 20 years it was not until recently that I began to notice gaming become more popular and main stream.  While it is not something I’ve really spent a lot of time thinking about it seems pretty obvious that casual games have found a way to get people into gaming […]

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Hackers Already Working on Hacking T-Mobile G1

BoingBoing reports that folks on Freenode’s #android IRC channel are already getting down and dirty with the device, trying to unlock access to some of the device-level functions (like GPS) that currently require signed code to access: I hacked my camera’s firmware manually by using an exploit to cause it to execute arbitrary code – […]

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States to Vote on Incest and Bestiality

The religious right tried to warn us, but some of us – I’m looking at you Massachusetts and California (good thing I’m cross eyed) – didn’t listen. That slippery slope that everyone laughed at, the one about gay marriage leading to things like incest and bestiality, is now a serious possibility. Some states, probably New […]

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