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EA Cancels 'Command & Conquer: Tiberium'

Remember that really cool first person shooter based on the Command & Conquer series? Yeah? Well it’s been canceled by EA due to issues with the overall design that couldn’t be fixed. A Command & Conquer FPS isn’t something new; however tiberium looked really promising and the developers sounded like they actually cared about making […]

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Fall 2008 Must-Have Co-Op Xbox 360 and PS3 Titles

There is no avoiding it, multiplayer support in a game, even the longest RPG, can extend a game’s life well beyond it’s initial single-player play through; even allowing the game to grow into it’s own cult status like a Halo or Counter Strike. While most players used to seem pretty satisfied with Death Match or […]

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New Releases for the Week of 9/28 – 10/4

Xbox 360 Silent Hill: Homecoming Mobile Ops: The One Year War PC Pipe Mania Sniper: Art of Victory Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Baseball Mogul 2009 SAS: Secure Tomorrow Dark Horizon Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft Wii Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility We Cheer Nintendo DS Unsolved Crimes Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood Tornado Margot’s Word Brain […]

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Convert Your RPTV Into a Home Theater Projector

Chris Hunkele sent in this pretty incredible story of do-it-yourselfing from a guy that took his busted down old 50″ rear-projection-television (RPTV), took the front screen off of it, mounted it behind a rear-projection screen that was much bigger (pictured above) and turned it into a huge-screen projector for his home theater. The magic all […]

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Peak Wood Guitar for Rock Band and Guitar Hero

It looks like a peripherals company named Peak has busted out a trump card for Guitar Hero/Rock Band fanatics in the form of a full-sized, wooden guitar for either Rock Band or Guitar Hero titles. Combining this with the Ion Drum set ($300) for Rock Band that will melt your face off already, if you […]

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High Res Gears of War 2 Screenshots w/ Predator Boss

Epic has dropped a new set of Gears of War 2 screenshots out there for us to feed on until another dev diary or gameplay movie before the big launch. What I can gather from these new screenshots is that (A) you will be fighting a predator new kind of locust boss and (B), locust […]

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We don' need no grammer let the mutha effa WHA!!!!

I’m always on the lookout for signs of our times because they are endlessly amusing or endlessly frightening and at any rate it’s always good to see “were u at” in life. I’Ve uNfoRtuNaTEly GoTTen KinD of USed to SeEing WriTing LiKE THIs, but I can never quite get over some of the…slang?…that is cropping […]

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High Res Duke Nukem Forever Screenshots

That’s right, you heard about the cell-phone-sized Duke Nukem Forever screenshots that were in the Xbox Live version of Duke Nukem 3D… looks like 3D Realms took mercy and released the official high-res versions of them, here they are (YAY STRIPPERS!)

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"300" Director to Create Games for EA

Variety reports that Zach Snyder, the director behind ’300′ and the upcoming adaption of ‘Watchmen’ has signed a 3 game deal with EA.  As of right now there aren’t many details on what kind of games he’s working on, it’s still very impressive to see such a relatively new director make the jump to video […]

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Xbox Live Going Offline for 24 hours on Monday

Just a reminder to all Xbox Live subscribers that Xbox Live will be going down for maintenance on Monday, September 29th at 12:01am. The downtime will be used to prepare Xbox Live and all it’s users for the new Xbox “experience” that will hit homes later this fall. So what should you do during the […]

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Android's Unlock Screen is a Level of Security

Google’s Android mobile platform has a pretty interesting approach to the unlock screen that makes it more than just a simple way to avoid hitting buttons in your pocket. Android’s unlock screen actually introduces a new level of security to the device that didn’t previously exist on mobile phones without introducing an annoying new system […]

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PNGSlice for Text Flow with Images

If you want to create a unique look on your website, where words flow around oddly shaped images, you might want to check out pngslice. The program will split a png file into slices in such a way that words can flow around odd shapes. Based off of Eric Meyer’s ragged floats, the whole idea […]

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Breast milk

Boobs + Ice Cream = Delicious!

American terrorist supergroup PETA has requested that Vermont ice cream kingpins Ben and Jerry start using human breast milk in their delicious frozen treats in lieu of cow, goat and manatee milk, as they do now. A PETA spokesperson said that Ben and Jerry were chosen because, unlike brands such as Baskin Robbins, Turkey Hill […]

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How to Install iPhone 2.1 Firmware on Hacked T-Mobile iPhone

Update #4: There is now a guide for installing, jailbreak and unlocking the iPhone 3.0 Firmware. Update #3: We have completed an updated Guide to installing the iPhone 2.2.1 Firmware on a Jailbroken/Unlocked iPhone. Update #2: This is an update to our previous article covering how to install the iPhone 2.0 Firmware on your T-Mobile-enabled […]

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Syncing iPhone Contacts with Google Contacts using iTunes 8

Apparently this popped up in iTunes 7.7 but I didn’t notice it until 8.0 and I haven’t seen anyone write anything up about it online. It looks like iTunes added the ability to sync to Google Contacts (thank the gods) from iTunes when syncing your iPhone (or iPod) with your computer. Unfortunately in 7.7 when […]

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From the “Brilliant Parenting” files… File #2

Wow parenting just gets better and better these days! Now, if you make a mistake – or nine of them – Nebraskan law says you can just click “cancel” and call it a day! I can see it: Hi honey, how was your day? Fine snookums. I got tired of changing diapers for Billy, Samantha […]

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From the “Brilliant Parenting” files…

I’ll never understand why we have to pass tests to get past first grade, get a driver’s license, or get into, but to bring a child (or twenty) into the world? Nothin. We live in a world of creating stockpiles of band-aids to fix our severed limbs as a society. What ever happened to […]

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U.S. Cities Preparing for the Obama Riots

Cities around the U.S. have begun taking precautions, including hiring extra law enforcement, to prepare for the inevitable riots after the presidential election on November 4. One official, who wished to remain anonymous, said that “those people” will riot and loot on a whim, and that it will happen regardless of the Election Day outcome. […]

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Visiting Mom in Small-Town Idaho, Part 2 of 3: "Different" ways to communicate

Signs are designed and written to communicate things clearly and quickly. (Though sometimes signs don’t always successfully convey quite what we mean.) In fact, sometimes, we don’t quite know WHAT the hell we mean, or how to say it. But, as I discovered – many times over – on my visit to small-town Idaho, nothin’s […]

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The Way We Were…

Among my recent yard sale finds was this soon-to-be-ebayed cache of old magazines with dates ranging from 1936 to 1954.  If you ever want to piss yourself laughing…this is definitely the ticket.  The ads alone are worth their weight in Crisco shortening.  Let’s have a look: Straight out the gate, we have an ad for […]

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No Joke: Bejeweled Coming to Warcraft.

Starting this Thursday,  World of Warcraft players will be able to kill time between gold farming and ganking noobs by playing the only game that comes close to being as Addictive as WoW, Bejeweled. No this isn’t some clever joke by Blizzard, Bejeweled is actually coming to World of Warcraft. The truly shocking part of […]

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CrossOver Chromium, first impressions

Like all internet enthusiasts, I was ecstatic to see Google release a new browser. Unfortunately, like all *nix enthusiasts, my heart dropped at the sight of “Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows” and no sign of a corresponding Linux or Mac version. Fortunately, the good guys over at Codeweavers released a version of Chromium (the codebase […]

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"I'm not good at expressing myself" just reached a whole new level.

I’m a writer, I’ve always been a writer, I can type faster than I can think, and I’ve never had a problem putting my thoughts or feelings to words, and setting those words to paper. …Screen. Blackberry…Facebook status? Whatever. I’ve discovered over the years, that there are approximately only about 4 other people in the […]

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'Fringe' Benefits

For the last few years (and I don’t think I am alone here) the programs on network television have been absolute shite.  Okay, calm down… I know there is some loser out there who is screaming bloody murder because they live and die by Grey’s Anatomy or Big Brother. Speaking of reality shows, I watch television to escape from reality, not to watch some […]

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