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First Google Android Phone: T-Mobile's HTC Dream

After the first crap-blurry video of the HTC Dream, Google’s first commercial Android-based phone getting close to release, we have been waiting with baited breath to see what the device will actually look and feel like. It looks like T-Mobile will be the first to roll out the phone this Fall along side the BlackBerry […]

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Canon Files for Fuel Cell-Powered Camera Patent

Just a heads up for the photographers out there, looks like Canon has filed for a patent for fuel-cell powered cameras (DSLRs based on the diagrams) where all auxillary components would be powered off the singular camera fuel cell, no need to have each component bring it’s own power to the picture. If you are […]

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Comcast Officially Capping Internet Use

Comcast has announced on their website today that all Comcast internet plans will be getting an official cap on the amount of data subscribers can download and upload each month. Starting October 1st, the cable juggernaut will update their user agreement to say that users will be allowed 250 GB of traffic per month (that […]

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New Releases for The Week of 8/24 – 8/30

Xbox 360 Tales of Vesperia (Aug 26) Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 (Aug 26) Castle Crashers (Aug 27) PC GTR Evolution (Aug 26) Sims 2 Apartment Life (Aug 26) Nintendo Wii Mario Super Sluggers (Aug 25) Nintendo DS Garfield’s Fun Fest (Aug 29) Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness (Aug 25) Commando: Steel Disaster (Aug 25) […]

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Are You a Badass Mofo (BAMF)?

I was reading through the internet (I do that from time to time… read the internet, it’s like what Neo could do in the Matrix) and ran across this post by Benjamin Smith. Apparently Ben likes to rock climb, for fun. Looking through some of his Flickr shots I have to assume that he likes […]

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'Lich King' Content to Come Early

'Lich King' Content to Come Early

Over at the official World of Warcraft forums,  Blizzard has announced that in the next few weeks a patch will be released containing some of the content annouced for the release of Wrath of the Lich King. Some of the big features in this update include Barbershops in capital cities, New class spells and talents […]

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Handling Self Doubt and Battling Inactivity

About a month ago I wrote a piece about “Chronic Underachievement” and yesterday the CEO of OpenRain wrote an article about “Handling Self Doubt” that touched on 3 excellent points I skipped over completely and still struggle with today, more specifically: Criticism is a good thing (it means people care) Self-Doubt can cause you to […]

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How to get More Ink Out of 'Empty' Printer Catridges

We wrote about the Class Action lawsuit against Hewlett-Packard over printer-ink monopoly pricing and false “empty catridge” warnings that force customers to guy buy more ink long before the cartridge is really empty. What made today important was a story over on Yahoo about a guy named Farhad Manjoo that was not going to take […]

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Tokyo Gore Police is a Family Movie

The “Break it Down” Blog introduced us to the upcoming Oscar-winning family movie: Tokyo Gore Police back in April with the first teaser trailer, but it seems that a new trailer and more gooder trailer has come out for the movie, really going into depth and showing how the characters are developed. For film fans […]

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