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id Rage Engine Gameplay and Sneak Preview Video

QuakeCon is going on right now and id set it off with a teaser from their upcoming racing/shooting/burn-out/FPS/RPG/god-knows-what game using their new Rage Engine technology: Overall pretty damn sharp looking… I didn’t see any stuttering or hickups, the textures looked crisp and clear and the bump mapping all nicely applied. I can’t figure out what […]

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Soulcalibur IV Character Creation and Gameplay Video

If you are getting excited for the release of these next-gen classic fighters like Soulcalibur IV (Code Name: Ultra-boobs), then I think you are going to find this video very tasty. Some highlights from the video if you don’t want to sit through it: Character Customization Armor Weapon Stats Coloring (armor, body, hair, etc.) Hair […]

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Tron 2 (Tr2n) Handy-Cam Trailer

Ok, this is viral-marketing entering a new stage that it hasn’t been in before… supposedly “bootlegged” handy-cam footage of a private showing of a new Tron 2 movie trailer (named Tr2n); you know, cause movie studios don’t like to stir up buzz about their movies ahead of time: Tron 2 Bootleg Trailer http://teaser-trailer.comby dragonball-movie

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New Multi-Touch Windows Taskbar In Action

My apologies, this is actually older news back from May, but we hadn’t run across it until now. It seems that the media semi-blitz required to reset people’s perspectives of Microsoft (and erase the bad name they got for Vista) are starting early… way early. Microsoft isn’t slated to release Windows 7 (Vienna?) until January […]

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Surveillance Back Doors Built into Skype

Heise Online reports that there have been recent findings that suggest there are surveillance back doors built directly into Skype. While Skype refuses to comment directly on the findings by the community, at an ISP meeting on June 25th higher-ups at an unnamed Austrian ISP made the comment that spying on Skype-based phone calls was […]

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The PC Game Market is Not Dead

You remember that old saying “Follow the money?” whenever you wanted to find the answer to something? It still applies… For years now PC Gaming has “been dying” and giving way to consoles; the more locked down, publiser/advertiser friendly, vendor lock-in-encouraging devices that have meant to replace the 20 billion PC gamers on the planet. […]

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Computer Mouse to be Extinct in 5 Years… Again

Remember 10 years ago when voice-recognition and Dragon Naturally Typing was going to replace the keyboard? Yea that didn’t quite pan out how we all thought… I think at some point we were going to replace the mouse with eye-tracking lasers on the monitor and then some sort of brain-tie-in that would tell when you […]

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SmugMug Java API – Beta 5 Released

Beta 5 of the kallasoft SmugMug Java API has been released. Homepage Announcement Download The kallasoft SmugMug Java API is a Java API that provides integration with the SmugMug JSON API and is developed/released under the Apache License v2.0. The simple examples page may give you a better idea of how to use the API […]

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