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KDE 4.1 Released – The Release KDE Users Were Waiting For

When KDE 4.0 was first released with major portions of the desktop rewritten and pieces of the desktop (from a user’s perspective) still left mostly raw or in some cases semi-functional, there was a large user lash-back to the “massive rewrite” approach taken; some calling to brand KDE 3.x and taking that branch forward instead […]

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Amazon Launches Checkout Online Payment Service

In a move that rivals online payment leader PayPal and sidels up next to (and possible out-runs at launch) Google Checkout, Amazon has announced the launch of their new online payment system aptly named: Amazon Checkout. The kicker that makes this service have longer legs out of the gate than Google’s offering is that every […]

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wikinvest Launches Interactive, Annotable Embeddable Stock Charts

For the investors or financial bloggers in the group this is some really hot news. It looks like wikinvest has launched new support for embeddable and interactive stock charts that are also annotable. For example (click and drag around this thing): You can check out the main chart page for Google here. It’s a really […]

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id Rage Engine Gameplay and Sneak Preview Video

QuakeCon is going on right now and id set it off with a teaser from their upcoming racing/shooting/burn-out/FPS/RPG/god-knows-what game using their new Rage Engine technology: Overall pretty damn sharp looking… I didn’t see any stuttering or hickups, the textures looked crisp and clear and the bump mapping all nicely applied. I can’t figure out what […]

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Rob Zombie's Tyrannosaurus Rex was made By Men, For Men (or Psychopaths)

If you can’t handle this shit… get out of the kitchen. Actually, now that I think about it, what are you doing in the kitchen in the first place? Make me a sammich and then go relax with some vacuuming! I might let you sit at my feet while I watch TV later. Saying you […]

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Punisher: War Zone – Sometimes A Shotgun in the Face is Hilarious

What was wrong with the first Punisher? Tom Jane is a badass, there were guns and bad guys and a montage scene in which he built an entire car… what was missing? Gore! You don’t make a movie like Punisher, from a comic founded in mostly punishing people and skip the gore. There was the […]

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Soulcalibur IV PS3 and Xbox 360 Comparison Screenshot and Video

Gametrailers has put together a comparison video for Soulcalibur IV that compares the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. While the scenes were in motion I could barely see a difference, but at a few moments during the action stopping, I suddenly saw it… I suddenly saw the “epicly more powerful” PS3 […]

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Giant Crysis Warhead Screenshots

Looks like the German PC Games got a hold of some stupid-huge Crysis Warhead screenshots, here they are for you and for the folks that have dual 30″ monitors to view them on: Thanks VE3D!

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Hampster Has the Happiest Nom Ever

Sometimes you just have to combat things like this, with things like this:

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Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) Alpha 3, Screenshots and New Theme Proposals

We don’t normally start tracking the Ubuntu releases until they hit about the Alpha 3 stage; after all the big software updates have made it in, any theme work is mostly done and the final release is starting to take shape. Well, that happened yesterday: Ubuntu 8.10 “Intrepid Ibex” Alpha 3 was released.

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Gears of War 2: Linked Achievements and Epic Musical Score

Comic-Con is getting a taste of sexy with Cliff Bleszinski doing demos for attendees of the “Sinkhole” level that was shown off during E3. As it turns out Steve Jablonsky, the composer that did the score for a few Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, Command and Conquer 3, Transformers 1 and upcoming Transformers 2 and the […]

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Soulcalibur IV Character Creation and Gameplay Video

If you are getting excited for the release of these next-gen classic fighters like Soulcalibur IV (Code Name: Ultra-boobs), then I think you are going to find this video very tasty. Some highlights from the video if you don’t want to sit through it: Character Customization Armor Weapon Stats Coloring (armor, body, hair, etc.) Hair […]

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Tron 2 (Tr2n) Handy-Cam Trailer

Ok, this is viral-marketing entering a new stage that it hasn’t been in before… supposedly “bootlegged” handy-cam footage of a private showing of a new Tron 2 movie trailer (named Tr2n); you know, cause movie studios don’t like to stir up buzz about their movies ahead of time: Tron 2 Bootleg Trailer http://teaser-trailer.comby dragonball-movie

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New Multi-Touch Windows Taskbar In Action

My apologies, this is actually older news back from May, but we hadn’t run across it until now. It seems that the media semi-blitz required to reset people’s perspectives of Microsoft (and erase the bad name they got for Vista) are starting early… way early. Microsoft isn’t slated to release Windows 7 (Vienna?) until January […]

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Surveillance Back Doors Built into Skype

Heise Online reports that there have been recent findings that suggest there are surveillance back doors built directly into Skype. While Skype refuses to comment directly on the findings by the community, at an ISP meeting on June 25th higher-ups at an unnamed Austrian ISP made the comment that spying on Skype-based phone calls was […]

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Using Apache Virtual Hosts and ProxyPass Together

I recently ran into a situation where I had a server with Apache on it that was already hosting a few PHP sites using VirtualHost mappings, but I now wanted to add a new Tomcat-hosted site to the same machine. In a way, what I wanted was to setup a new VirtualHost entry on Apache […]

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Commentary: Stop Bringing Babies to R-Rated Movies

You know who you are… and you can just go straight to hell. The different between a parent that stays home and misses movies, or gets a sitter and goes to one every few months versus the one that drags their infant, stroller and all, into an R-Rated movie on opening weekend is that one […]

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Bringing Your Baby to a Theater Makes me Wish You Were Sterile

Have you had the joy of this happening to you as well? You’ve had a long week, you finally decided to go see the new hot movie opening weekend so you get off work, rush home, collect your significant other and rush off to the theater where you pay $20 for tickets and another $317 […]

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The PC Game Market is Not Dead

You remember that old saying “Follow the money?” whenever you wanted to find the answer to something? It still applies… For years now PC Gaming has “been dying” and giving way to consoles; the more locked down, publiser/advertiser friendly, vendor lock-in-encouraging devices that have meant to replace the 20 billion PC gamers on the planet. […]

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Computer Mouse to be Extinct in 5 Years… Again

Remember 10 years ago when voice-recognition and Dragon Naturally Typing was going to replace the keyboard? Yea that didn’t quite pan out how we all thought… I think at some point we were going to replace the mouse with eye-tracking lasers on the monitor and then some sort of brain-tie-in that would tell when you […]

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SmugMug Java API – Beta 5 Released

Beta 5 of the kallasoft SmugMug Java API has been released. Homepage Announcement Download The kallasoft SmugMug Java API is a Java API that provides integration with the SmugMug JSON API and is developed/released under the Apache License v2.0. The simple examples page may give you a better idea of how to use the API […]

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Are You a Chronic Almost-Achiever or a 95% Kind of Person?

Introduction The purpose of this post is to take a look at a phenomenon I saw in my life and I think some of you might see in yours: chronic almost-achievement. The ability to give every task 95%, but avoid giving anything 100% like the plague for fear of failure and self-disappointment. Outline What’s a […]

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Guitar Hero: World Tour Supports Any Electronic Drum Set with MIDI Port

Wired is reporting that at E3, Guitar Hero director Brian Bright confirmed that Rock Band (the original one) instruments would not only work fine with Guitar Hero: World Tour, but that you could use any electronic drum set with the game as it will ship with a MIDI connection on the back of the drum […]

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E3: Mature MadWorld Gameplay Video (Nintendo Wii)

How is Manhunt 2 forced to revise the gore and violence on their game, but this is all good and well… especially on the Wii? Maybe it’s because it’s presented as a gameshow in this game and in Manhunt 2… it was in a hospital… but Manhunt #1 was a gameshow too so I guess […]

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