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Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Video

Sneak-peak video that not only shows of some new maps that will be in Gears of War 2, but also shows off some new execution moves that are available. Gameplay Video Highlights More Executions (Jump to 6:30 in movie) Chainsaw through the back Baseball-bat head crush using butt of gun Roll Over head crush Torque […]

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Diablo III 20-min Gameplay Video

Ok don’t forget about the following posts already: Diablo III Announcement: Sample Movies, FAQ, more information… Diablo III Screenshots Below is our summary of the highlights from the 20min movie if you don’t want to watch the whole thing, if you do just want to watch the movie, scroll to the bottom. Gameplay Movie Highlights […]

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Diablo III Screenshots

This wouldn’t be The “Break it Down” Blog if we didn’t “break your eyeballs with screenshots”… right? Don’t forget to check out the Full Announcement along with gameplay movies and more information. So here, take um, they are getting heavy: Thanks VE3D!

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North Pole to be Completely Melted by September

News is trickling out that scientists believe the North Pole will be completely ice-free (melted) by September… and not September 2050… or September 2020… they mean this freaking year. Can someone fill me in when this happened? I know global warming is just a hoax, George Bush told me, but when did we manage to […]

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Soulcalibur IV Screenshots… Soul BOOBS

Am I the only one that loves the fact that the majority of game developers out there are men… and men like to make fighting games… and men figure that while most men fight in full armor or turn-of-the-century Japanese garb, women prefer to fight half-nude in over-sexed outfits that could blow apart at the […]

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Leaked Shots of Upcoming PS3 2.4 Trophy Support

For those that don’t own a PS3 or don’t know about the drama, the PS3 has shipped, all the way up until this point, with no Achievement-like system, so there is not recognition for completing milestones in video games, etc. Also there has been no support for in-game cross-media-bar navigation, which completely rules out chatting […]

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Alone in the Dark, Wii Gameplay Movie

Last little bit of media blow-out here before the game drops today, this time a Wii gameplay movie… looks interesting. From the movie it looks like they tried to map all real motions to Wiimote motions… will be curious to see how that translates: And a gallery for your perusing-pleasure from the Xbox 360 (overall […]

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30 Minuntes of 80’s Cartoon Opening Sequences

Ted Regulski just sent along a link too awesome to not be passed along. Someone took the time to put together a 30min video of all the opening sequences from the most popular 80s cartoons (Heman, Thundercats, Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget, Transformers, etc. etc. etc.) For a kick-ass blast to the past, check it out… you […]

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