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eBay – Sellers Cannot Give Buyer Feedback

I saw this today when I was directed to the feedback page to leave feedback on the seller that I just bought a Herman Miller Aeron from (great experience). At first it caught me off guard, my gut reaction being something like “Feedback has been limited?! WHAT?!” but then I thought about it, and remembered […]

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GNOME File Manager Gets Tabbed Browsing and Column View Support

For GNOME fans out there that love the UI polish but are less than happy about the lack of tabbed browser in the file manager and sometimes obsessive use of the “spatial” paradigm, rejoice! It looks like GNOME developer Christian Neumair has been working on adding tabbed browsing to Nautilus (the GNOME file manager); which […]

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Sweden Processing Sewage Into (Methane) Biogas

Sweden is currently leading the charge in processing sewage, using bacteria, into methane gas that is captured from sewage processing facilities and delivered into the natural-gas grid to filling stations that biogas-enabled cars can use to fill. While other European countries are also on the biogas bandwagon, there are huge commercial backers to the ethanol […]

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PS3 Adds YouTube In-Game Video Uploading

This is awesome news over on the YouTube Blog sent in by Ted Regulski. It looks like Sony has partnered with YouTube/Google to include game-video upload capabilities into the PS3 that any game title can take advantage of. The APIs enhancements will be available to all PS3 developers to take advantage of and will seamlessly […]

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Playing Games (for 10mins) at Work Increases Productivity

Caught the results of a new report (issued by PopCap) that taking breaks and playing games for 10mins at work increases productivity (and no, World of Warcraft doesn’t count): A new report published today reveals that the current trend towards banning personal internet use in the workplace could be costing British businesses up to £4 […]

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Far Cry 2 Tech Demo

If you’ve been following the Far Cry 2 screenshots and other news with the Crysis-level-hotness looks, I think the Ubidays Tech Demo here is gonna blow your skirt up. Skip to about 1:50 if you want to see the fire propagation (aka “shit sets on fire realistically”) part:

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Splatterhouse Screenshots Released

Splatterhouse follows college student Rick Taylor as he tries to rescue his girlfriend, Jennifer, who has disappeared after entering the mysterious and run-down West Mansion. Confronted by horrific other-worldly creatures, Rick comes across a mystical sentient mask that promises to give him the power to find Jennifer. Full of desperation and rage, Rick puts on […]

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Samsung L870 – Symbian OS + Safari Mobile Browser

Details have popped up showing that the Samsung L870 is actually a Symbian S60 smartphone, slider form factor using (get this) the Apple Safari Mobile Browser. Yea… not WebKit, but specifically Safari Mobile… go figure. Here are the specs for anyone waiting on a new slider that want the “real web” on a 2.4″ QVGA […]

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Windows 7 Multi-Touch Demo Amazes non-iPhone Users

Ballmer and Gates showed off Windows 7 (the follow-up failure to Vista) which ended up being Vista + Multi-touch technology. Everyone in the crowd that had never seen an iPhone before or heard of the idea of a “touch screen” since the 80s was sufficiently amazed… everyone else just saw Microsoft continuing to draft Apple […]

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Sexually Frustrated Young Males on Internet a Thing of the Past

Well it’s official, the internet being a haven for sexually-frustrated young men that prowl Google Images for pictures of boobs, YouTube for the off-chance that someone snuck a risky video under the radar or prowling Metacafe for the hot-lesbian-make-out videos, has officially ended. Fathers, you no longer have to worry about your daughters posting sexy-dance […]

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Google Offering (Cachable) AJAX Library Hosting

Looks like Google has announced that they will be providing hosting for the following 5 (most popular) AJAX Libraries: jQuery prototype MooTools dojo in the form of their AJAX Libraries API project, described as: Google works directly with the key stake holders for each library effort and accept the latest stable versions as they […]

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Samsung LNT5271F – Rows of Dead Pixels… Twice

I wouldn’t normally post about LCD HDTVs having dead pixels, it happens. The issue here is that Chris Hunkele sent in news that the Samsung LNT5271F he bought from Amazon is having problems… again. A few months ago Chris bought the Samsung LNT5271F from Amazon (still one of the highest rated HDTVs on there) when […]

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Far Cry 2 Screenshots

Hot-damn Far Cry 2 is starting to look seriously hot. One thing to notice is that the fire and explosions look fantastic and that the game looks like it’s going to be crazy-filter-heavy (notice the grid/patching in the later screenshots?). I guess this is for the depth-of-field and blurring effects like in Call of Duty […]

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Modular Robot that is Less Likely to Stop Killing

Oh goody. Looks like some Pennsylvania researchers have developed a robot that when dismantled (kicked apart in this case) will recognize it’s missing pieces and re-assemble itself. It makes me happy to know that scientists, even though they all watched Terminator and thought “Wow THAT sucks” are still working to solve that problem. Remember in […]

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Microsoft Live Farecast Predicts the Cost of Plane Tickets and Suggests if you should wait or not

Microsoft Farecast Predicts Ticket Prices for Best Price

Todd Swarthout sent in a link to a pretty cool new site from Microsoft: Farecast. The idea behind Farecast is very similar to Kayak or Mobissimo where you specify your departure and arrival city and then use all these nice AJAX-ey controls to fine-tune your search results on the fly. The difference with Farecast is […]

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HomePlug Powerline AV II Spec Nearing Release

For the folks that preferred wired connections to wireless (even you Wireless-N folks) rejoice! The HomePlug Powerline Alliance has announced that the AV II specification is nearing completion and will be announced later this year with products dropping early 2009. For those that don’t know, the Powerline spec allows the transmission of ethernet network traffic […]

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Monster Cable Would Sue Jesus

Monster Cable, the company that produces the bullshit-performing and overly expensive A/V cables that Circuit City and Best Buy always try and ram down your throat when you buy a new TV doesn’t just create cables with a 800% markup, they also sue every other company that uses the term “Monster” in their name (Except […]

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Hating Your Children Has Never Been Funnier

In the off-chance that having your children ruined your life (or maybe just your body) you could also play the passive-aggressive card and get them a costume that tells the world: “If I forgot him in a cart at Costco, good-riddance”. My personal favorite was the “Shit Head” costume… it says so much, with so […]

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Chinese Engineers Excel at Crash Tests

You ever watch those crash-test videos online for BMW, Toyota, Acura and other manufacturers and think “Wow, that handled that crash pretty well… I think I’d feel safe in that car”. How about a crash-test that you get done watching and think “I am pretty sure there is no way anyone could possibly survive a […]

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Windows 7 (Vienna) Screenshots – Confirmed for 2010 Release

If you haven’t seen it already, supposed pictures of the Windows 7 (Vienna) interface were leaked online yesterday along with a bit of information of “what we know so far”. Possible returns of WinFS, obviously a much more enhanced candy-esque UI is going to grace us and also a confirmation that consumers will be getting […]

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Recommendation Systems – Let ME Decide What I Like

I’ve been a NetFlix user for years, and always pretty happy with the service (except for a few throttling issues), but one aspect of the service that has really been bugging me recently is how the stars that NetFlix shows you for the movie ratings is not based off the community’s collective reviews, but rather […]

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Trash Art Imitating Life (No Seriously.. It's Garbage)

Ran across this one on digg, pretty cool piles of trash-art by Tim Nobel and Sue Webster that cast real-life shadows but you’d never guess it looking at them… this is almost like spotting shapes in clouds, you have to be looking at them at the right angle to see it. Enjoy:

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Price of Gas Likely More than $4/gal this Summer

Well the poll results are in and it looks like most of you think gas is going to go to $5/gal and a good majority also think it will hit $6/gal this summer. If that is the case… holy shit. Gas is already at $4/gal or higher in certain parts of the country (and a […]

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Samsung Releases 256GB SSD – Only Jesus and Santa Can Afford It

Samsung has released the world’s largest solid state drive (SSD) in the form of their new 256GB FlashSSD flagship drive. For those not in the know about the SSD craze, basically these hard drives are giant collections of flash-based memory, offering no moving parts (physically very strong, don’t need to worry about dropping it killing […]

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