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North Korean Food Shortage Solved: Giant Rabbits

Well for any rabbit-lovers out there, this story is going to suck. It seems that giant German rabbits are being bread by a award-winning large-rabbit breader Karl Szmolinsky to help feed the impoverished North Koreans. This is like Cute Overload meets… The Hills Have Eyes… I’ll be honest with you… when I think of starvation, […]

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Impressions

Ok, this is a mini-mini-review of GTA4 for the folks that haven’t played it yet: 5min Impressions: This is totally GTA3/VC/SA + more complex city, better graphics (not amazing). Controls and movement feel sluggish, I think it has to do with the animation blending Performance is on par with other GTAs… 20-30fps range, not smooth […]

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Getting Virtual / Multiple Desktops on Windows (XP and Vista)

Have you ever found yourself juggling so many extra windows at work (or at home) on your desktop that you wished you have access to multiple desktops so you could group them together and not clutter one desktop with everything? Yea, me too… Linux has had the idea of “multiple desktops” or “virtual desktops” for […]

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Kittens Playing with Soda Box

What’s cuter than a group of kittens playing with a soda box? ME! But I don’t have a picture handy to post of myself… so here’s the kittens (Thanks Laurence Hartje!): Yea-yea, I know, you’ve seen it already 100x… but if you HAVEN’T seen it yet… it’s definitely up there with some serious cute.

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Mac Air vs ThinkPad X300

You saw the envelope-stuffing ad from Apple right? “Na na naaa na na, na na naaa na na…” you know, the one that makes you feel like a douce-bag for owning a laptop that has a DVD drive in it? Yep, that’s the one. Brian Fernandes sent along a great mock video that gives a […]

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Giant African Land Snail has a little gallery of Scary Exotic Pet Pictures, and while I didn’t really find most of them too scary… this one was a shocker. This giant shelled bringer of disease and doom is a Giant African Land Snail, and it would probably kill you for no other reason than it was bored, and […]

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Psycho Killer Raccoons Terrorize Olympia, Washington

I already hate raccoons after an incident when I was younger and some got into our yard and just started systematically dropping our turtles off the roof, killing them, then tearing them open and eating them. Naturally while shooting them with a pellet gun, they sort of sauntered around the roof until they decided to […]

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Programming Like a Douchebag

Ran across this post with an example of the worst toString method this developer has ever seen, let’s take a look: public String toString() { if (this != null) return “**** implement me”; return “i am null”; } This is really for the programmers in the group… the amount of stupid involved in writing the […]

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Lost – New Episode Impressions and Theories

OMGZ, ok if you watched the episode of Lost last night and haven’t read the Time Loop Theory yet, then you really need to in order to make sense of it, and honestly, I think enjoy the show a little more since you won’t be so goddamn confused. That was an awesome episode last night… […]

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Fuck the Earth Day

Robert Heron sent in an awesome link to Jack English’s “Fuck the Earth Day” promotional video, check it out: F*ck the Earth Day – Watch more free videos

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Leaked

Damn… so Kotaku has the scoop that iCON (a ripping group) has gotten their hands on a stolen GTA4 game disk for the Xbox 360, ripped it and leak it onto the net. Apparently folks were posting gameplay movies to GameTrailers and YouTube this morning, I found a few, but they are getting ripped down […]

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Cactus Flower

I Am the Greatest Photographer Alive

I totally took this picture this weekend using a Canon G9… I’m probably the best photographer that ever lived: This was during a hike up at Sanctuary Cove… the desert can really be beautiful if you learn to look for the little things in it. I could have done without all the bugs, but everything […]

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Sun to Begin Closing up MySQL Source Code

Uh-oh, Spaghettio’s! Looks like Sun is going to start closing up some of the open source portions of MySQL, namely the more advanced functionality and the backup solutions that are currently open sourced. Can you blame them? They paid a goddamn billion for MySQL, it’s not too surprising that they want to create some value-add […]

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Cat Picture Thursday!

Cause I’m bored, and I Can Has Cheezburger is awesome, here’s a direct rip:

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Tokyo Gore Police Trailer… or something

Saw this over on I Watch Stuff, it’s the “trailer” for Tokyo Gore Police, which is a ridiculously over the top 80/90s-style cheesy Japanese gore-fest… sort of like Riki-Oh, if you ever saw that or to a lesser extend the original Toxic Avenger from Troma. So if you like movies like that cause you are […]

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DreamWorks Snags Ghost in the Shell

It seems that DreamWorks has snagged the rights to the Ghost in the Shell movie… one of the best animes out there. They described the movie as a 3D (yay!) live-action (booo!) hybrid and said that GITS provided the perfect story to be delivered on that platform. Having just watched Appleseed: Ex Machina, and thinking […]

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Virgin Media, Worst Than Comcast?

In the recent past it seems that Comcast has become the favorite ISP to hate with their constant manipulation of your traffic, illegal traffic tampering (OOPS, wait, nothing is illegal under Bush admin if done by a big enough corporation, full pardons all around!) and a general all around level of shit service… but it […]

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Seagate Plays the Douchebag Card (Stymies SSD)

Well it happened… a few months ago it was rumored that Seagate held some IP that was essentially infringed upon by all existing solid state drive (SSD) designs. There were rumors that Seagate would pull that card just as the market was exploding in order to either kill off competition in the space or seriously […]

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Blue Jeans Cable Pwns Monster Cable

Grant Gochnauer send in this badass piece of news… it looks like Monster Cable company, the world champions of bullshit-priced cabling (that have no real-world performance edge), served Blue Jeans Cable with a cease-and-desist motion targeted at their Tartan line of cables (something having to do with the connectors being “confusingly similar” to what Monster […]

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GameSpot Video Reviews Suck

If you are familiar with the drama that unfolded around GameSpot 6 months or so ago, then you know that there was a mass-exodus of their senior talent that all left in response. Since then the site has been scrambling to keep operations going, reviews churning, etc. For the most part I’ve always liked watching […]

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Netflix Recommendation System Snafu?

So I was looking on Netflix to see how I scored Hitman after a friend asked me about it, and noticed down in the “More Like This” section where Netflix recommends more movies to you… it was telling me if I liked Hitman (Action movie, gore, full frontal nudity) that I might like Cesar Milan: […]

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Turok Review (PS3)

Summary [6.5 out of 10] Turok is a perfect example of a next-gen game almost being good, with close-minded, repetitive and sometimes punishing try-die-and-try-again game design dragging down some of the impressive technical accomplishments. Introduction The premise of Turok is that you are John Turok and ex-member of the super-elite Wolfpack group and now a […]

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Trigun Movie In the Works (for 2009)

I ran across this new somewhat by accident… but then again I tend to do awesome things by accident. One time I accidentally grew 3″ taller… and another time I accidentally smashed a tiger and a lion together so hard that I made a Liger. Anyway, if you are an anime fan or even have […]

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The Internet Makes Awesome People

This is why the internet is fucking awesome… cause of the people it gives birth to: What? Not that awesome? Then how about these super-badasses? You really have to appreciate the puckered girl-libs and overtanning… oh and the way-too-open-shirts. For some celebrity awesome, check out some other good ones: Paris Hilton’s Never-Changing Expression Lindsay Lohan’s […]

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