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The Pirate Bay Logo

4 Indicted from The Pirate Bay

The Local reports that 4 leaders from The Pirate Bay site have been indicted on charges of being accessories to breaking copyright law: Hans Fredrik Neij Per Svartholm Warg Peter Kolmisoppi Carl Lundström While I certainly understand why the US is pressuring Sweden to go after these guys (now that TPB is the biggest BT […]

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Disgusting Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Spiders, Scorpions & The Crawlies

A friend… an ex-friend of mine, Brian Fernandes, sent this to me tonight while I was sitting at my computer doing the internet. First our conversation opens up with him sending me this picture: and at first glance I think “That’s a big spider” then I think “… but who cares?”… I let it sink […]

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$1 Image Stabilizer for Any Camera

Saw this over on Metacafe, it’s a very cool trick using: A 1/4″ bolt that will screw into the bottom of your camera About 6′ or so (depending on your height) of nylon string or another relatively stiff string A large washer You basically screw the bolt into the bottom of your camera, tie the […]

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Rambo Movie Poster

Rambo Movie Review (2010)

Summary [8.5 out of 10] Rambo is a visceral, serious, action packed movie about the rescue of Christian missionaries from war-torn Burma and it’s military. Stallone’s execution of this movie is so raw and completely devoid of cheesy lines or “typical action hero” antics that you can’t help but walk out of the theater with […]

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Medical Marijuana Vending Machine Opens in L.A.

Robert Heron sent in news that L.A. has deployed it’s first and second medical marijuana vending machines that work in the following fashion (from article): Customers bring their prescriptions for approval at the AVMs, housed in enclosed room guarded 24/7. They are fingerprinted and photographed. They receive a pre-paid credit carded loaded with their individual […]

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Ninja Gaiden 2 Gorey Screenshot

Ninja Gaiden 2, Gorey and Awesome

CVG has a piece saying that Ninja Gaiden 2’s gore is over the top… and they are right, which is why I want to play it. I played Ninja Gaiden on the PS3, and it was cool… but damn, if it had been this gorey, I would have been that much more interested in the […]

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PSP with Skype Support

PSP 3.90 Firmware Adds Skype Support

PSP Fanboy announced that the most recent 3.90 firmware for the PSP has finally added the rumored Skype support. This update and addition of Skype is only available for the PSP Slim (PSP-2000 series) and not the original launch PSP. They also make the note that the PSP Headset with controls is required as well. […]

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NEO GEO Arcade Stick for Wii

NEO GEO Arcade Stick Coming to Wii

Suh-weet. For the folks out there <cough>me</cough> that had a NEO GEO and fell in love with the arcade stick that it had, you can rejoice in knowing it will be coming to the Wii shortly. I’m not sure there are fighters on the Wii and VC that are so badass that the NEO GEO […]

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Tvcompass SR1500 DMR

WiFi Universal Remote Platform Introduced

Tvcompass has announced a Windows-CE based WiFi enabled universal remote that can sync/install device codes and back itself up using 802.11b & g. The device seems to be more of a platform for universal remotes (to be sold with cable STBs and services) than it does seem to be an end user product. Tvcompass is […]

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Cell Phone SMS Spam

The True Cost of SMS Messaging

(Congratulations, that just cost you $0.20) The gthing science blog put together a rather eye-opening analysis of just exactly how much SMS costs you and/or how goddamn rich it’s making the phone companies. Even more offensive than the $8000 per gallon that HP and other vendors charge for black ink, gthing deduces that if you […]

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Steve Jobs on iPhone SDK Leak

iPhone SDK 3rd Party Application Key Leaked

Uh oh… TUAW reports that the secret iPhone SDK 3rd party application key was leaked… and by “leaked” I mean, click here, and write down what it is. Is it just me, or is everyone else still surprised that companies (HD-DVD, Blu-ray, Apple) rely on these “1 secret master password” security designs, that so far […]

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Shoot 'Em Up Movie Review

Shoot ‘Em Up Movie Review

Summary [7 out of 10] Shoot ‘Em Up is a ridiculously paced, non-stop action movie that is a collection of surprisingly cohesive scenes that provide excuses for the director to realize constant over-the-top action sequences that are a blast to watch ending with a great cheesy one-liner from the main character. Setup If you plan […]

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Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Poster

Resident Evil: Extinction Movie Review

Summary [4 out of 10] Resident Evil: Extinction is a terrible, terrible movie. For fans of the games or even of the 1st or 2nd movie, just turn and walk the other way. Hidden deep in this script are literally 2 good ideas that get 3 mins of screen time, while the remaining 87 mins […]

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Resistance 2 Screenshot

Resistance 2 Screenshots

Ted Regulski sends in news of simply “This is why you own a PS3” then points to the NeoGAF thread with the new released screenshots for Resistance 2 are. Given what Insomniac did with Resistance: Fall of Man, and the expertise they showed to create the best launch title for the PS3, then following that […]

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SmugMug iPhone

SmugMug Just Gave me an iPhone

How cool could a Friday get? I’ll tell you how cool… you get an email in your inbox saying “Congratulations, you won”… an iPhone. So a few months ago SmugMug, awesome photo sharing site, decided to hold a contest to promote usage of their extended and enhanced developer API. I had been working pretty heavily […]

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Windows 7

Windows 7, Extensive Detailed Revealed

Grant Gochnauer sends in a link to the istartedsomething blog where a commenter, rumored to be an insider from Microsoft, left a comment that equates to an essay covering the development, design, features and strategy all coming in Windows 7. We’ll try and highlight the juicy parts below, but if you love this stuff, you […]

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