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Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel Dies at 69 (Diabetes)

Well hell… Jens Eckels just sent in news that world-renound stunt man from our past, Evel Knievel, died at age 69 from diabetes and pulmonary fibrosis. Reports state that in 1999 Knievel underwent a liver transplant after almost dying from Hepatitis C, which was likely caused from an earlier blood transfusion that was necessary after […]

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XBox 360 Fall Update Features Finalized

Totally lack-luster… looks like Microsoft is trying to compete with Sony’s 2.0 lackluster firmware update (Ripped from Kotaku): Xbox Originals: Download Xbox classics. Xbox LIVE Arcade Hits: Games like Lumines LIVE! available for less. Inside Xbox: News ticker. Enhanced online profile: Let people know, does your personality match your Zodiac sign? Expanded Friends List access: […]

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Ken Levine

BioShock 2 Team Boots Levine, Piss Off!

For more drama in the gaming sector, the brains behind the original BioShock game and story, Ken Levine (above), looks like he’s getting the boot from making BioShock 2. Destructoid has the scoop, and the quote isn’t very nice: 2K Boston is still recovering – a good chunk of the BioShock team did not want […]

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NASA Scientists Refuse Giving Up Privacy

Interesting story on Slashdot about how NASA JPL scientists have been “asked” to sign a privacy agreement to relinquish all privacy from their employer and allow investigation into their personal lives “without limit”. Apparently 28 senior level scientists refused to sign the document by the deadline and are blogging about the progress in real time […]

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Wave Racer Screenshot

Evolution of Water in Games, Best is Halo 3

Laurence Hartje sends in a link to 2 interesting stories (Games Radar, PC Games Hardware) that cover the history of water in games. This is actually something that I have always loved and used as a benchmark to “feel” how real the world was. The first thing I would do is run over and shoot […]

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Bugatti Veyron

What is it Like to Drive a Bugatti Veyron?

Autoblog’s Jonathan Ramsey had a freaking awesome opportunity to drive a Bugatti Veyron recently and did a great write-up on it. As a lover of fast things, the parts of his writeup that made me cry with joy were pieces like the following: Hit the gas. The car rockets forward. Immediately. Instantly. … And you’re […]

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Verizon to Open Up Network

What the what… Verizon Wireless has announced they will open up their wireless network to authorized devices that they don’t sell but have passed tests in their testing lab come 2008. In early 2008, the company will publish the technical standards the development community will need to design products to interface with the Verizon Wireless […]

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MetaTrader Foreign Exchange Trading Software Screenshot

Foreign Exchange Trading via Games

When you think of “foreign exchange trading” don’t you think of something that looks hellishly complex with trend charts and eye-rapingly wonderful graphs like you see above? I do. Well a long time reader sent in a story about eToro, foreign exchange trading software that masks the complexities of foreign currency markets in the guise […]

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Motion Capture Technological Evolution

MIT has developed a kick ass new mo-cap technology that involves wearing a suite that emits radio frequencies in addition to recording acceleration and directions of the limbs. This allows for mo-cap in previously unavailable situations, like driving a car, where traditional mo-cap relies on video cameras capturing key points on character’s bodies and faces […]

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10 Lesser Known PS3 Tricks

Digital Home put together a list of 10 tricks to do with the PS3 that “Sony doesn’t tell you about”, while some of them weren’t that interesting or ground-breaking, there was 1 in particular I had no idea you could do: 4) Download game saves Chances are someone out there has already beaten that boss […]

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How World of Warcraft Works

HowStuffWorks (a great site to browse through when you want to learn about something) just posted an article on how WoW works… like technically how the client/server communication and game design works. Might be an interesting article for folks that are technically inclined, curious, or always wanted to know how MMORPGs are designed to do […]

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Rumor List for XBox 360 Fall Firmware Update

Microsoft is going to be releasing a fall firmware update for the 360, and while nothing official has been reported, this is the rumored list so far: Compatibility with 3rd party wireless controllers Compatibility with messenger pad Xbox Live Vision firmware upgrade, sharper image filtering Many more Vision Cam settings Screensaver settings – when away […]

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Copyright Law Reform

Bruce Schneier linked to a paper written by John Tehranian titled: “Infringement Nation: Copyright Reform and the Law/Norm Gap“. The most interesting part of the paper is more or less captured on Bruce’s blog where John takes copyright law and applies it literally to a very normal scenario for some John Doe author that ends […]

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Game Problems All Around

Ugg… looks like a shit-storm of problems for gamers this holiday season. First 1-Up fires off a “preview” of it’s time with the “near final” copy of Half Life: Orange Box for the PS3, and said it’s just a useless pile of crap; ridden with bugs and unplayable in parts. Given that Valve’s head honcho, […]

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WARNING: I won’t link to the 2girls1cup video, but it’s easy enough to find on Google. The content is on par with or tubgirl scaled up a few times. How I came across this new internet meme of disgust was I ran across funny “reaction” videos of people seeing the video for the first […]

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Microsoft Windows XP and Vista Benchmarked

Windows XP SP3 Shows 10% Performance Gains

No wonder Microsoft held XP SP3 release back so damn long, benchmarked it using the OfficeBench benchmark and an XP Pro install with SP3 applied actually shows a 10% speed increase over it’s existing SP2 install. (Shorter bars better): That’s a pretty damning result following closely on the heals of Vista SP1 showing no […]

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