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Gmail 2.0

Google Rolling Out Gmail 2.0

Laurence Hartje sends in an interesting post from BoyGeniusReport that Google has slowly started rolling out the Gmail 2.0 release that we mentioned back in September. Aparently if you have access to the new Gmail 2.0, you can turn it on using a toggle that is sitting between your Settings and Help menu items up […]

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Google's OpenSocial Launch Partners

Google Common Social Networking APIs

John Hering sent in news that Google is prepping it’s launch of OpenSocial Thursday. The interesting think here is that OpenSocial isn’t another social networking service, but instead is a common set of APIs used to develop software against any social networking site participating in the OpenSocial community. Think of this like OpenID, but instead […]

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Ubuntu Power Saver Settings Could Damage Hard Drive

It seems that the default ACPI (power saving) settings for hard drives while running on battery power mode could be causing your hard drive to run an insane amount of load cycles, manifesting itself in “clicking” sounds and also the hard drive’s mechanical portions to be stressed quite a bit more than normal and life […]

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FBI Adding Anti-war Protesters to Criminal DB

When CODEPINK and Global Exchange cofounder Medea Benjamin and retired Colonel and diplomat Ann Wright left for a peace talk on October 3rd to Canada, they were surprised to be denied entrance into the country because their names were contained in the FBI’s Criminal Database; a DB typically set aside for names of “sex offenders, […]

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Mac Leopard without Glass Doc

Removing Glass Doc from Leopard

Matt Young just sent in a good tip from for folks running the new Leopard OS X release on Mac that hate the shiny doc. Basically the glass doc looks like this: If you think this is a bit too much “eye candy”, you can turn the puppy off by dropping to the Terminal […]

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Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) To Get New Theme

Covered in brief detail (yet to be filled out) the Ubuntu Wiki describes that every LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, next of which will be the 8.04 release next year) should have a fresh theme to it. All previous releases of Ubuntu have had the very nicely done Human theme, but it looks […]

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Intel QX9650 (Yorkfield) Not That Great

If you are one of the folks, like me, that has been waiting for the Intel refresh of the quad-core chips before jumping on top of one, you were likely waiting to see how the QX9650 did before making your decision. (Double-check our previous coverage of the chips, their names and making sense of it […]

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Ninja Gaiden 2 Decapitation

Ninja Gaiden 2, Rated B for Baby Jesus

In the screenshot above we see our favorite ninja Ryu, from the Ninja Gaiden series, kicking a guys head off… which is one of the most effective ways of stopping an enemy. In case you are loving the gore, just a quick reminder that Ninja Gaiden 2 is going to be an XBox 360 exclusive […]

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Pat Philbin

FEMA Holds Fake News Conference

Todd Swarthout just sent in a… story… that is awesome cripplingly stupid. Pat Philbin, pictured above, is the man that oversaw public affairs at FEMA. He apparently decided last week to announce a press conference covering FEMA with regards to California’s disaster. So far so good… The only sticking points were that the press conference […]

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Jailbreak Installer

Instant Jailbreak for iPhone & iPod Touch

Grant Gochnauer sends in some kick-ass news that the Jailbreak hacking team has released pretty much a 1-click installer for Jailbreak. NOTE: Jailbreak installs onto your iPhone and iPod Touch, adding and unlocking the devices disk access. This allows you to install any 3rd party app you want. This may or may not be […]

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How Evolution Really Works

This is a fairly compelling, scientific look at why evolution is a fact using simple computational examples. The video basically states that in an environment with finite resources, predators will push the organisms to evolve. While the first 8mins or so explain how the process works (using simple “organisms” represented by 8 bits) by placing […]

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Retarded Ninja

Microsoft Forcing Desktop Search on Users

This is hilarious… and goes into the “Microsoft refuses to every do anything competent” file. The Register is reporting that Microsoft is actually forcing desktop search on everyone using the Automatic Update auto-install feature. That means if you had Desktop Search turned off, because it blows and slows down your computer, don’t worry… Microsoft will […]

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GIMP 2.4 Refreshed Look

GIMP 2.4 Released

Chris Hunkele sent this in yesterday, it looks like everyone’s favorite Photoshop clone, GIMP, finally released it’s 2.4 version after years of development from the 2.2 stream. This is a pretty huge release as the team has been working on some major rewritten aspects to GIMP for a long time, and now they have finally […]

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Gigapan Motorized Panoramic Camera Mount

Gigapan Motorized Panoramic Camera Mount

John Hering just sent in news about CMU’s Global Connection Project, Gigapan, finally got out of it’s research phase and is entering the beta commercial phase for photographers willing to participate. The Gigapan is described to do what you’d expect it to: The Gigapan imager (pictured) can capture incredibly high-resolution panoramic images with a standard […]

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The Onion News Casts

For the folks that have known about this for a while mea-culpa, but The Onion has insanely high production quality for these fake news casts they put together regularly that are just flat out hilarious. For someone not in the know, it would be possible to think you were watching a real news show like […]

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Langur Monkey

India: Monkey Battle Royale

If you read this blog regularly, you may have caught our story from a few months back about the Kenyan village that was overrun by vervet monkeys who attacked and harassed the inhabitants but couldn’t be attacked themselves because it was against Kenyan law? Well now a loyal reader has sent in a story of […]

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Gmail IMAP Settings

Gmail Adding IMAP Support

Holy mother-bitches… Chris Hunkele just sent in the scoop that it looks like Gmail is finally adding IMAP support. Something I’m almost certain they’ve had sitting in the wings for more than a year now, but with the release of gPhone looming, my guess this begins the beta of IMAP support while will eventually be […]

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Coconut Crab

Insanely Huge Crabs Scare Me

Brian Fernandes just sent this in, and it sent shivers up my spine… apparently “Coconut Crabs” or “Robber Crabs” are of the crab breed “Fuckus Hugeous”. The coconut crab is able to crack coconuts with it’s claws and eat the inside. Knowing that these things are insanely huge AND have pincers that could crack your […]

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Updating Drivers Can Cause Vista Deactivation

Laurence Hartje just sent along an awesome post from James Bannan over at APC Mag. I’ll give you a hint what it’s about: Microsoft is fucking retarded. Give it a read: Just over a month ago I swapped over the graphics card on my Vista Ultimate box. There were some new DirectX 10-based titles out […]

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Vista to Ubuntu Migration Superguide

NOTE: Ashton’s guide is for Ubuntu 6.06, a lot of things he disliked in the guide have been taken care of in either 7.04 or 7.10, the newest release. While the guide has some good information in it, please keep in mind that some of the “wtf” gripes he may have may not exist any […]

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