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Personal Supercomputer for $2500

Joel Adams at Calvin College has put together a personal supercomputer, running Ubuntu, that is capable of 26 Gflops for a mere $2500 called Microwulf. A breakdown of the core computer parts used to build the machine are as follows (full list): MSI K9N6PGM-F MicroATX AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ AM2 CPU Kingston DDR2-667 1GByte […]

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Windows Vista Logo

Joel Spolsky: Vista is Junk

Was reading Joel Spolsky’s blog, specifically his rantings on the absolute retardation that is the Windows Vista/Office ’07 boxes… yes the physical plastic boxes this software comes in. If you haven’t gotten a chance to try and open these boxes before, before you go “Retard, how hard could a box be?”, actually try and open […]

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BulletProofX – Ubuntu 7.10 Feature

BulletProofX is a new feature in Ubuntu 7.10 whose goal it is to never have you need to drop down to a console again to repair your xorg.conf file (do you hear the angel’s singing?) You can head over to Bryce Harrington’s page to see more screenshots of the experience, start to finish, of X […]

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Microsoft Preps Vista SP1 & XP SP3

eWeek reports that Microsoft is prepping the release of Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3 due for release to a controlled group of around 15k people very shortly (next month?). The goal is to get the final QA’ed copies of the respective service packs out in vendors and customer’s hands Q1 of ’08 and […]

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How Important is Fast Memory?

You have heard this 1000 times: I am building a new gaming rig and want it to run crazy fast. Should I pay 2x the price for the super-fast gaming memory? The short answer is no. Take a look at some of the results of benchmarking the latest cutting edge DDR3-1800 memory from OCZ here. […]

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Akamai Building HD Network

Looks like Akamai is working on revamping their CDN (content delivery network) in order to better stream/deliver HD video over the internet. The requirements for their new edge-based network are: Support for 2GB and larger files Support for VC-1 and MPEG-4 video Support for 720i/1080i/1080p Support 100 Tb/sec bandwidth That’s pretty impressive. So while AT&T […]

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FBI Point-n-Click Wiretapping

Forget illegal wiretapping (no seriously, forget it, because you have no say in the matter, so just shut up), Slashdot reports that the FBI have partnered with Sprint to create a fully encrypted US-wide network built from dark fiber lines (separate from the internet backbone) that controls wiretapping of any network based device with the […]

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Google Phone

Google Phone (gPhone) Coming '08

Thanks to Chris Hunkele for sending this in. Looks like Google Phone is official and will be due out in ’08. The interesting fun-facts about it: Partnership between Google and HTC (T-Mo Dash, HTC Touch, etc.) Will include custom version of Google Maps + GPS Will include Google Calendar Will include Google Mail Will include […]

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China Wants to buy Seagate

Lenovo Looking to Buy Seagate

Looks like Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo (the folks that bought ThinkPad from IBM) is looking to buy a hard drive manufacturer and have their sights set on Seagate. NY Times reports that Washington isn’t too keen on having their storage medium and security algorithms manufactured and sold from an overseas company… but we are alright […]

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ViStart Screenshot

ViStart: Vista Start Menu for XP

Laurence Hartje sends along a cool project for Windows XP (ViStart) that essentially gives you the Windows Vista start menu on Windows XP: I haven’t tried this myself but it certainly looks accurate. No idea if it responds like the Vista one or if it’s just a graphical screenshot-recreation of the menu. It seems like […]

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Speed Racer Mach5

Wachowski Bros. Making Speed Racer Movie

Todd Swarthout just sent in the news that the Wachowski Brothers are doing a live-action Speed Racer movie. It is currently slated for a Summer ’08 release. Not much news on it right now, but the cast surely looks interesting: Christina Ricci (Trixie) Emile Hirsch (Speed) Susan Sarandon (Mom Racer) Matthew Fox (Racer X) John […]

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Aliens vs. Predator- Requiem Trailer

Grant Gochnauer just sent in the scoop that the new Alien vs Predator movie (RT Link as well) has a new R-rated trailer out that is extremely gory. As someone who actually liked Alien vs Predator (thought it was a really cool way to integrate the two stories with each other and a pretty respectable […]

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Penny Arcade Game

At PAX this year the PA guys gave a pretty long demo (18mins) of their upcoming game: Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness A summary of the game play, if you don’t want to watch is: Hilarious dialog between characters The character you create fights along-side Gabe/Tyco to stop fruit-fucker Gorey deaths […]

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Killzone 2 Screenshot

Killzone 2 Quick Notes

From the GameSpot hands-on with it: Almost no HUD during play. No health bars, similar to Gears of War. Full physical environment (shotting a canister will send it flying down a hallway) 7.1 surround sound Cover-system similar to Gears/Rainbow6/etc. Using L2 to lock onto an object then lean out behind it. Not all cover is […]

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Far Cry 2 Screenshot

Forget Crysis, Far Cry 2 Looks Amazing

Going off of the demo GameSpot was given at the Leipzig Games Convention, I had a mini heart attach… let’s take a look: Completely open world. At the beginning of the game the only goal of the game is introduced to you via a first-person scene: Kill the major warlord in Africa. From that point […]

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Solid State Drives in 2008

Seagate just announced that they will offer a line up of solid state disks (SSD) in 2008 which is hot news for anyone waiting on buying a new laptop not wanting to pay the $300 premium for the 32GB flash drive currently offered in the Sony and Dell 13″ laptops. Also for anyone waiting to […]

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BioShock Drama Continues

Given all the stories that have already been written about BioShock, it seems the drama continues. The two issues are: Current DRM restricts 2 simultaneous installations. Unfortunately, only running the uninstaller to completion will update the 2K servers to let them know you freed up 1 install. So if you reformat, loose a HD, or […]

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7 Ways to the "Action Habit"

The “Action Habit” or the habit of putting your thoughts or plans into action. One of the hardest habits to develop and one of the biggest properties lacking from people today. Most of us avoid action out of fear. Here are 7 ways to grow the habit and help it to grow (Hit the link […]

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