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Project Gotham Racing 4 Screenshot

Blu-ray Saves PGR4

PGR4 == Project Gotham Racing 4 “Blu-ray Saves PGR4” == Size-restrictions on DVD-based media for the 360 caused the PGR team to rip out Day/Night cycles for the 360 version, but the PS3 version will continue to have the Day/Night cycles due to the superior size of Blu-ray media. Seeing as how we aren’t even […]

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Microsoft "Fixed" Vista Copy Speed Issues

AeroXperience reports that Microsoft has released a patch (not yet on Windows Update) for Vista-based operating systems that “fixes” the file-copy performance. I say “fixes” because if you are using Vista, you know that copying, deleting, moving files (yes, basic operations) are magnitudes times slow than they were in XP… no idea why. If for […]

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Rumored iPhone 1.1 Update

This could all be bunk but Grant Gochnauer sent this along, potential update coming for the iPhone from Apple (Important items bolded): There will be a build in file browser like the new finder in leopard for sorting through files There will be a disk mode The reason that there currently isn’t a file browser […]

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Oscar the Cat is the Grim Reaper

Todd Swarthout just kicked this link my way. Looks like a cat that was adopted by a terminal patient care facility accurately predicts patient’s deaths about 2-4hrs out by simply walking into their room and lying next to them until they die. His accuracy, from reading the article, seems to be in the high 90-percentile […]

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Heavenly Sword Box Art

Heavenly Sword Demo This Week

Hot damn, right from the Playstation Blog, Heavenly Sword Demo coming this week to Playstation Store. Update #1: Demo is looking great. This is basically God of War but lighter (no fighting in hell and ripping arms off). Don’t take that as a ding though (being like God of War). The load times are hidden […]

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UFOs in the UK

What the heck, this is awesome:  Drinkers spilled out of pubs, motorists stopped to gawp and camera phones were aimed upwards as the five orbs, in a seeming formation, hovered above Stratford-Upon-Avon for half an hour. The unidentified flying objects lit up the otherwise clear night sky above the Bard’s birthplace in Warwickshire on Saturday.

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Top 13 Worst Translated Slogans

Moronland had this hilarious post about the worst translated slogans when they were taken from English into other languages, the quick of it is: Coca-Cola (China): Happiness in the Mouth. GM Nova Car (Mexico): It Doesn’t Go. Got Milk? (Mexico): Are You Lactating? “I saw the pope” (Spanish): I Saw the Potato American Airlines (Mexico): […]

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Thing I Wish I Knew When I was Younger

A great blog post over at LifeHack, my favorites were: Most of it doesn’t matter. Waiting to do something until you can be sure of doing it exactly right means waiting for ever. Every winner is destined to be a loser in due course. You can rarely, if ever, please, placate, change, or mollify an […]

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Productivity Secret

Claimed to be the productivity secret of Jerry Seinfeld and a great suggestion. It goes as follows: Cut a hole in a box… … woops wrong tip… here’s the real one: Get a calendar that shows every day of the year on a wall-sized piece of paper and a red marker Decide what you want […]

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Sharp THX Certified LCDs

Sharp THX-Certified LCD Panels

Sharp is announcing both 52″ ($7k) and 65″ ($11k) THX-certified LCD-based HDTVs to their lineup. What is a THX-certified TV? It’s a TV that has brightness and contrast ratios that meet the THX-movie-viewing specification. While these sets are expensive and will likely look “perfect” (whatever that means) it’s not for us normal folks that have […]

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Halo 3 Co-Op Might Not Happen

Over at VE3D they have a portion of an interview from EGM with the Halo team that goes: “We’re not dumb,” says Bungie’s Frank O’Conner. “We know that people want it and we’re trying to make it happen. I think the biggest problem for us for online co-op is that we have a situation where […]

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LCD Announcements Blowing Up

If you are in the market for an HDTV, I’d suggest waiting. For 52″ and lower sized LCD is the way to go, EngadgetHD is covering the explosion of LCD-based announcements coming out of manufacturers right now. Pioneer and Panasonic are both hanging in the Plasma camp, hoping to make a go of it until […]

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