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FTC Kills Off Net Neutrality

Their argument? “Consumers should trust the market place to govern itself”… I normally agree except don’t 3 telecom companies own like 95% of all the backbone in the ground with AT&T owning like 70% of it? SUPER… yes let’s trust “the market place” if by “market place” you mean “monopolies”.

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Free Blu-ray Movies with Player

Get 5 Free Blu-ray Movies with a Player

Nice… Blu-ray camp is following the HD-DVD camp with the free movie give-aways to entice buyers. If you buy any of the following players from July 1st to September 30th you will get 5 free Blu-ray movies (from a library of 21 titles) in the mail: Sony BDP-S1 Sony BDP-S300 Playstation 3 (60 GB) Panasonic […]

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Samsung LN-T5265F

Sharp LC-52D92U or Samsung LN-T5265F

OR For anyone in the market for a new HDTV, and has zeroed in on getting an LCD TV you are likely having this connundrum right now… do you get the Sharp LC-52D92U or the Samsung LN-T5265F? If you decide to start your search by Googling for all Sharp reviews, then all Samsung reviews you […]

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FCC Complaints Up 711%

I’m not actually clear on the percentage, but Ars Technica got on their soap box and decided to take a look at what is going on with the rise from 350 complaints in 2000 to 240,000 complaints in 2003. No you didn’t read that wrong… and yes, that was in 2003 not in 2007. What […]

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Talking Your Cat for a Walk

Have you every tried to walk your cat? I’ve seen the harnesses; my wife has wanted to get them for 2 years now for our cats, but in the back of my mind I’m horrified of the possibility of a stray dog running up to them and scaring them to death. Now I’m not so […]

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Compiz Fusion Effects in Action

Compiz Fusion is really on par with Leopard from what I can see… certainly not totally stable yet, and relies a lot on the drivers being in good shape, but it’s great to see Linux right up there with cutting edge and likely to decimate Vista until it stops sucking in 2010.

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Dell Allows Users to Skip Bloatware

Looks like Dell will begin allowing users to check a box during the computer order form process that will skip the installation of many many trial-ware pieces of software that vendors pay Dell hundreds for to allow them to get on the new PCs, hoping to get new consumers signed up. For most folks, this […]

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Ink Jet Printers are a Sham

Nice… Slashdot reports that a study done to see how accurate printing-software was with respect to “Ink is low, please replace” showed that in the best case (Epson, who also funded the study) wasted 20% of the ink, while others (I’m sure HP is up there) wasted 50% of the ink in the cartridge telling […]

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BD+ DRM Process

BD+ DRM Released

The BD+ DRM that has been sitting in the attic of the Blu-ray spec has finally been released and ready for prime time. Endadget reports that with the recent AACS exploits, studios have been slow to release new titles as they have been waiting for BD+ to hit. Aparently BD+ isn’t some static key-checking algorithm […]

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Gefen Wireless HDMI

Gefen Releases HDMI Connectivty Lineup

EngadgetHD caught the new Gefen lineup of wired and wireless HDMI devices that just flew onto the market. Everything from HDMI-over-ethernet to 1080p/HDCP-enabled PVRs. Read – Component + Digital Audio to HDMI Adapter Read – Personal Video Recorders Read – 4×4 HDMI CAT5 Matrix Read – Component Audio Extender Read – Wireless HDMI Extender

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