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Halo 2 on Vista == Frustrating Mess

VE had the scoop, this is gold. Microsoft, you are officially idiots: During recent testing of Halo 2, a game developed by Microsoft and built exclusively for Vista, several issues were found. Vista’s User Account Control (UAC), a security feature intended to make the OS safe, has become the number one most hated new feature. […]

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id Software Developing New Engine / Game

Interesting. Looks like id Software will be developing a new “John Carmack” engine along side a new title that doesn’t follow any of their previous franchises (Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, etc.). “We are working on an all-new franchise: it’s not Doom, it’s not Quake, it’s not Wolfenstein, it’s not Enemy Territory, it’s not even Commander Keen! […]

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Mac versus AMD

1986 Mac vs 2007 AMD Dual Core

This is pretty unbelievable. HubPages has put together this great “productivity comparison” between the original Mac Plus and a brand new AMD Dual Core machine. The idea being not the overall functionality, but the productivity boost doing the most common office-based tasks (Saving, editing, copy-paste, etc.) and seeing the performance differences between the machines. Even […]

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eBay Scam Pattern

Note: Pheebay has put up an excellent article to learn how to spot scams on eBay. Great tips. This is the second time I’ve been scammed on eBay in the last year and it’s starting to drive me a little crazy. The first time I was a seller and the person won a monitor from […]

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Fun with Words

These didn’t used to be pet-peeve words… in fact I used to use both. Thanks to the love of my mom and her brain, she finally broke me of retarding myself 😀 “Refer back to” Example: “I was referring back to the time I ate all the paint.” Problem: Refer already implies a reference to […]

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New AACS HD-DVD Encryption Key Released

After the first fiasco with the AACS master encryption key leaking, and the Digg community going crazy digging it up to the entire first page, it seems that the revised key that was cracked before it was ever released is now the new center of censorship on Digg as people are starting to beat that […]

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iPod Nano

Onkyo DS-A2 iPod Dock Review

    I recently purchased the Onkyo DS-A2 as an iPod dock for my existing Onkyo HT-R940 Receiver that I got as part of the Onkyo HT-S990THX home-theater-in-a-box setup. The idea being that we could hook our iPods up to the dock and listen to them throughout the house without needing head phones. […]

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PortableApps Logo

Applications on the Run:

Robert Heron sent along this super-slick link to For those of you in the know, it’s basically versions of your favorite open-source/free apps in a form that can be downloaded onto a USB drive (or other portable device like iPod) and immediately run from it. For the folks not in the know, a quick […]

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Finding a Good Hosting Company

I was checking out N. Design Studio’s blog to see what’s going on with his theme designs (Note: He designed this theme) and noticed he had blog entry up about finding a new host. Surprisingly enough he’s already on MediaTemple and has outages frequently or problems with his dedicated-VPS. As you know this blog is […]

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SmugMug Islands Feature

SmugMug Rolls Out "Islands" Feature

Laurence Hartje sends word that SmugMug has rolled out a major new feature months in the making: Islands: and then the different settings available here (sorry too wide to inline): The idea of “Islands” came about starting with this 28-page-thread in the SmugMug forums discussing the need for a way to stop making images stored […]

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Twonky Vision Logo

Infrant ReadyNAS + TwonkyVision

Note: For those confused by the names below. ReadyNAS is a line of NASs from Infrant that are very popular. TwonkyVision’s TwonkyMedia is a popular addon to the ReadyNAS NV/+ series that allow it to fully support UPnP A/V and stream pictures, music and media off the device to compliant devices on your network. For […]

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PS3 Logo

PS3 1.80 Firmware Update – AWESOME

Ted Regulski just dropped this gem in my inbox about the PS3 1.80 Firmware update due tommorow! Upscaling Playstation, Playstation 2 and DVDs to 1080p Ability to stream Images, Music, Movies from a DLNA3-enabled (UPnP A/V) device Remote Play on PSP over the Internet (Basically allows you to play anything from PS3, using PSP, from […]

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Beautiful Guitar Playing

For someone that can’t play the guitar I sure love how it sounds. Somewhat on par with a piano to me, both instruments I love to listen to. This gentleman (Andy McKee) plays with a style that I’m seeing more and more on YouTube, no idea what it’s called but it sounds great: You can […]

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Guys Wins Lottery Twice

This is awesome. Here’s what happened: Guy wins the lottery, buys a car. Local news station asks him to reenact it while they record so they can tell his story. So he buys another ticket and scratches it off… and wins $250,000 more!

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Java Logo

Java "Consumer JRE" is Awesome

Wow, I was over on Chet Haase’s blog reading about the Consumer JRE… something that up until now I thought just some marketing idea for a JSR that would be filed and possibly make it into Java in 7.0 or later… it seems not only is that not the case, but it will be rolled […]

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Firefox Logo

Firefox *IS* Bloated

A lot of articles going around these last 2 weeks about Firefox being bloated. For the folks in the know, we’ve seen Firefox (from 1.1 and on) get increasingly memory hungry; taking 400mb of ram and more with only 2 tabs open and browsing for 10mins. For those of you that use a lot of […]

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