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Mitsubishi WD-65831 White Bloom

Mitsubishi WD-65831 White Bloom

Uh oh. A poster here named Andy pointed me to a thread over on AVS where some Mitsubishi WD-XX732/831 owners are reporting “white bleed” or “blooming” problems with the Mits light engine. Some of the users have replaced their light engines multiple times already and our friend Andy already had his replaced once before and […]

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Gears of War Movie Treatment Summary

Kotaku pointed me in the direction of Latino Review’s 22 page summary of the Gears of War movie script it looks like. Does anyone else agree with GameSpot’s Brian Ekberg that Batista should play Marcus Fenix? I totally agree: Update #1: I can’t believe I never posted a comparison shot of Fenix so you could […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 Personal Tweaks

I’ve been tweaking my WD-65831 for about an hour and I think I’ve come up with a configuration that looks really good to me, no garuntees that you will like it. In fact it’s quite a bit different than some of the other one’s I’ve seen people post. Disclaimer: I always thought the defaults that […]

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Optimus Maximus OLED Keyboard Coming

Some of us have been waiting for this keyboard since it was first rumored almost 3 years ago I believe. It looks like the keyboard will finally be released late Nov/Dec of this year. The best part? It will carry a $1500 price tag with it. Ouch…. So now you just need to figure out, […]

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Use Any USB Drive with Vista ReadyBoost

Windows Vista Magazine has a great tip on how to use any USB Drive with the Vista ReadyBoost technology. Check out the article to see how, but the gist of it is two steps: Disable the re-testing of any USB drive you have plugged in Go edit the registry and set the drive’s values high […]

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Checking Product Pricing and Reviews Instantly

How cool is this… The Consumerist pointed me over to Frucall which is a mobile and online comparison service. You essentially text message the number “fru” with the bar code from the item in question, and the response you get back is a summary of the average rating of the product and it’s price online. […]

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How do Patents Protect Innovation?

When I think of the patent system, I think of pretty much one thing: the little guy being protected from the huge corporation wanting to rip him off for free. It’s because of this fear that I am worried the patent system may never be revised to allow free-thought and innovation that it has begun […]

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A Tip for Writing Better Javadoc

Writing good Javadoc is hard enough as it is; getting the descriptions just right, explaining enough of the API to make it clear without imposing implementation guidelines on implementors, etc. One thing I’ve been doing for the last few years to make my Javadoc actually look better is trying to be better about using <code></code> […]

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Grindhouse Is a Total Flop

Unfortunately /Film is reporting that Grindhouse was a total box-office flop pulling in something ridiculous like $537 per day on average. As someone that really wants to see the movie I have to say the reason it’s a total flop is because it’s 3hrs and 20mins long… that is about 1hr and 20mins too long […]

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Sony New DVD DRM Making Disks Unplayable… Again

Nice, after root kits, SXRD green-blob issues, class action lawsuits, flopped PS3 launches I thought Sony had learned it’s lesson… looks like while the electronics division might have, the MPAA-ensconced portion of Sony hasn’t. Looks like some new DRM going out on the DVD releases of some newer movies is making the movies unplayable in […]

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P2P Identification Algorithm Revealed

TorrentFreak got their hands on leaked docs recently that explain how the MPAA/RIAA are identifying users on P2P networks and figuring out who to send Cease and Desist letters to. The algorithm reads as follows:  The client connects to the P2P network, searches for sources of the infringing file, and collects the IP addresses that […]

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