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Firefox 3.0 – All About Offline Web Applications

PCMag did a damn interesting writeup of the new features coming in Firefox 3.0, namely the offline functionality is getting a swift kick in the pants and will make the first steps necessary to allow full web-application offline application… think of Gmail offline, Google Docs, Docs & Spreadsheets, etc… all offline. It looks like the […]

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Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock in Deadwood

Olyphant to Play Agent 47 of Hitman Fame

Kotaku reports that Hitman is going to get made into a movie with Timothy Olyphant as Agent 47. I’ve always liked the character in the Hitman series and actually disliked the dialog they gave him and personalization that eventually leaked into his character. I envisioned him in my mind is a merciless machine with a […]

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Server Virtualization Cuts Performance in Half

I don’t think there are too many surprises here. Using server virtualization makes managing the servers easier, but cuts performance roughly in half (43%). I never quite understood the craze with virtualization. I suppose the enterprises here are pushing this adoption, wanting to have the ability to manage their servers independent of physical boxes in […]

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Grand Theft Auto 4 Trailer Due Thursday

1up has a story up speculating what could be improved in GTA4 with the first trailer (for the XBox 360 version?) scheduled for release this Thursday (3/29/07). I think the only thing people should be concerned with is if the franchise will add full multiplayer (versus AND co-op… almost co-op more importantly). The reason I […]

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Nimbus Combo Boxes

Java Swing LNF: Nimbus

There has been some buzz recently surround a new LNF (look and feel) being worked on at Sun called Nimbus. Over all I think it looks fantastic and doing a great-looking LNF is something I’ve always wanted to do, but never set down to actually work on. Here are some quick shots of what Nimbus […]

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Eljer Titan 091-777

Choosing a Toilet

Strange topic for today isn’t it? But we all poop… so hey. I think for all the folks that live in one of the new-built homes that are going up a dime-a-dozen across America, one thing you’ll likely notice is the $50 blue-light-special toilets these builders use. One of my least favorite toilets on earth […]

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God of War Screenshot

God of War Review

Ok so I just wrapped playing God of War on my new PS3, and the final take is: Freaking awesome. Even though this game is a PS2 game and looks a little dated, especially on larger HDTV sets, the game play and effects that you do so are so well done and so exciting that […]

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PS3 "Big March Firmware Update", v1.6 Notes

Here’s the poop: Folding @Home: Now you can participate in the worldwide distributed computing protein folding experiments from Standford University, in hopes to further understand human genetics. You can access the Folding @Home application under Network on the XMB Internet Browser Pinpoint Zoom and Resolution Settings: You can now choose to zoom into a portion […]

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Beryl 0.2.0 Released

Beryl 0.2.0 Released Beryl is the ego-branch of Compiz by QuinnStorm and a few others when they decided they half-baked hacks for Compiz weren’t being rolled back into Compiz fast enough by the original Compiz team. In true hacker fashion the folks decided to branch the project, creating confusion and incompatability rather then putting their […]

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GNOME 2.18 Glade GUI Designer

GNOME 2.18 Released

We will have Ubuntu 7.04 in the beginning of next month as well, very slick. For the links: Announcement Download the LiveCD and Try it Release Notes And some screenshots, because that’s all I ever look for too

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Caved and Got a PS3

Ok so I caved-in and got a PS3. The reasons I caved are as follows: I am naturally weak-willed in the face of shiny objects. I wanted to play: Bully God of War God of War II The revised version of the PS3 in May will not include the PS2 internals to help lower production […]

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