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Ford's 300C (Ford Interceptor)

Ford's 300C (Ford Interceptor)

Cool, ran across a blog post about the new Ford Interceptor, Ford’s answer to the 300C from Chrysler (and the entire LX platform: Magnum, Charger, 300C). Update #1: It’s been well over a year since we posted this concept car shot, that has had almost a universal response of “Awesome!” from users digging this picture […]

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Canon SD800

Time for a New Digital Camera: Canon SD800

Talk about timing… for Christmas this year I bought my mom the Canon SD700, and incredible camera. For the longest time I’ve had my Canon S400 and it has been good to me. But playing with my mom’s new SD600 this Christmas really made me want a new camera. That’s all good and well. So […]

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Dale Chihuly is a blown-glass artist. He had one of his exhibits at the Missouri Botanical Gardens that ends January 1st, 2007 and I got to see it… overall pretty cool, not really my bag though. The video on how the glass is made is probably the most interesting part. He did spend months integrating […]

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Laptop Model Numbers are Confusing

I was looking around the web at some laptop’s from different manufacturers and while some are so clearly laid out from lowest to highest (Apple) others seemed to be named in a completely random fashion, making it impossible to tell a damn difference between them without seeing a side-by-side comparison matrix (Lenovo, Samsung). Are these […]

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Great List of Cross-platform Applications

Free Software Magazine put together a great reference article of cross platform (OS-agnostic they call them) applications that are good solutions for Windows and Linux and some on Mac as well. I’ve always found this important so I can normalize my workflow regardless of the platform or machine I’m on. I also dabble back and […]

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I Hate Laptop Manufacturers

This Christmas brought different laptops to some family members that I ended up helping setup and over all, looking at everything from a brand new Sony, to a new HP, to a new ThinkPad I have to say that I hate Laptop Manufacturers. There are three reasons for this: They all think creating their own […]

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XBox 360: Viva Pinata Review

Ok huge thank you goes out to our man Laurence Hartje for putting together a hell of a Viva Pinata review for us all and here it is: Ok, now that I’ve spent about 20 hours with the game over the weekend (and only 7 achievements left), I feel as though I can write a […]

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OMG The Holidays are Almost Over

Each year the holidays are a series of flights, car rides, family parties and just all around tons of fun, but an surprising amount of stress as well. I think every year except one, when my wife and I have done the Christmas shuffle trying to see all the families in all 3 states we’ve […]

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What Happens to Your Body When you Drink Coke

In The First 10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system. (100% of your recommended daily intake.) You don’t immediately vomit from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing you to keep it down. 20 minutes: Your blood sugar spikes, causing an insulin burst. Your liver responds to this by turning […]

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Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to Java 6

Awesome matrix of new features and compelling reasons to start using Java 6: Countdown Summary Who’s blogging about it ? Web Services Easy to use APIs for developing web service clients. Rajiv and Bob‘s write first an introduction to web services with NetBeans 5.5 and then building a Java SE 6 client to eBay, included […]

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Excellent Vista Version Matrix

It’s all over the sites now, but ExtremeTech has an awesome Matrix of all the versions of Vista and all the features in them so you can quickly glance and see what you need. I still stand by my assessment that Home Premium is perfect for the Home/Gamer user. I don’t need BitLocker, Shadow Volume […]

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Wii: Rayman Raving Rabbids Review

For those that don’t want to read the whole thing: Score: 6/10 Now, why did I rate it this way? First off the ENTIRE THING is mini games, even though there is a Story mode, I noticed that waiting for the worthless cutscenes and the “cell” that you are in between rounds actually gets in […]

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Windows Vista, Detailed Review & Features

Ok so the reviews of Vista are slowly trickling out and the two things that are surprising me are: The reviews so far are extremely positive Microsoft kept quite a bit of polish and enhancements out of the public beta builds that made their way into the final build (like the brand new icons) that […]

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Nintendo Wii Review

Ok so I finally got my hands on a Wii after 3 weeks of going to stores on launch mornings to get one… I tried all the targets this Sunday as they were all restocked and got screwed at all of them. I finally got lucky at a Toys R’ Us and picked up Zelda […]

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