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Clive Barker

Clive Barker's Jericho

VE3D gives the dirt on Jericho. This is a game I’m excited about. I loved Clive Barker’s Undying. It was a horror game with great story, good dialog, good cutscenes and a FPS perspective that allowed you to get “in the action”. Jericho looks like more of the same, but much much more visceral! And […]

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Freedom of the Press Soon to be Removed

In light of the attacks on the freedom of the press over the last few years and growing concern that all the “news” currently broadcast inside the United States is controlled by 3 companies that are in lock-step with each other, one can only see the latest out of Washington and wonder… how many days […]

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Giant African Land Snail in Tree

Giant African Land Snail has a little gallery of Scary Exotic Pet Pictures, and while I didn’t really find most of them too scary… this one was a shocker: That, my friends, is a Giant African Land Snail… and they do this: Which would make me want to set that tree on fire then throw the whole thing […]

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nVidid 8800 GT/GTX, $800

Ouch. This was covered before with some pictures, it’s not a small card by any means and is likely worth the $800… but wow, $800? So now to build the guts (no accessories) of a cutting edge gaming rig you are looking at: Intel Core 2 Duo 6800 Extreme: $900 ASUS 975-based Board: $300 nVidia […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 Inputs

Suggested SD/HD Device Input Configuration

I recently found myself in an interesting situation. When I first got the Mitsubishi WD-65831 I thought it had too many inputs, especially HDMI. Now that I’m starting to look at more HD devices I’m running into the problem that my A/V receiver does not have any HDMI switching on it, and I seem to […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831 Reordered

Ok so I just re-placed another order for a replacement Mits. After talking to 3 different Costco customer service reps (trying to get a different story) I finally accepted their story: Replacements are not treated specially they basically consists of you returning the item then returning it online. You can return it to any warehouse […]

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Mitsubishi WD-65831, Drama

*sigh* I don’t know how closely you guys have been following my ongoing TV drama but after putting in the replacement bulb and realizing that the set is screwed up, not the bulb, I’m pooped. I can’t trouble shoot this stupid thing anymore. To recap, this is what is happening: Watch TV Turn off TV […]

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Son of a Biscuit, Lamp Burned Out

So I fired up the Mitsubishi WD-65831 to try out the TV Guide after a friend asked me to check it out and blammo… no picture. I thought the TV was taking a long time to warm up, turns out the bulb is dead. (Probably 3 hours of TV on it). I called the 800 […]

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HDTV Home Theater, Start to Finish

So my adventure in building a home theater around the perfect HDTV (for me) started over a year ago when I first saw the Sony 50″ XBR1 in Circuit City. Since then I’ve been on a rampage to find the perfect TV, stand and speaker setup for me and it has finally all arrived and […]

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eBay Kills All PS3 Auctions

GameSpot covered eBay cancelling all the PS3 auctions that went up recently. This idea is one that everyone in the nation has right now, so if you are pre-ordered with the intent to resell for a “rediculous price”, I’d suggest you cancel your pre-order, because you are likely going to get stuck with the PS3. […]

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Horror Movie Fans Rejoice!

I’m a bit of a horror movie fan, I don’t like the real stuff like Faces of Death, it freaks me out and makes me feel sick, but when it’s fake gore it’s incredible to me to see how far the effects artists can bend realism and I really appreciate a good one. My favorites […]

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Sam & Max, Episode 1 Released

Looks like Sam & Max Episode 1 was released over the GameTap electronic distrobution system (why can’t we all just use Steam? So now not only can I not have a single HD disk format, but I’ll have 5 different competing electronics distrobution systems going forward… great). The schedule for the remaining episodes is as […]

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