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Jet Li + Jason Statham = Testosterone

For those of you that read BIDB regularly, you know Jason Statham is my hero (Transporter 2 and Crank are outrageously awesome fun), he’s up there with a few select people that I just love to watch kick ass. A lesser known fact is that Jet Li is completely and utterly awesome, if you like […]

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Sony KDS-R70XBR2 With Speakers

Sony 70" XBR2 (KDS-R70XBR2) Owner Pictures

Well it seems that the “initial impressions” thread is turning into an owners thread as ‘Mixdoctor‘ just posted some shots of his new KDS-R70XBR2 that got delivered, the quality is a little low of the pictures, but you can take a look at what the TV looks like both with and with out the speakers […]

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Alan Wake Video at IDF

This is one game I am very excited about. I am starting to lean farther away from classic FPS and Fighters and really get into RPG-type games, mostly games with strong story lines and characters and Alan Wake absolutely looks like it will have all of the above. To prepare you for this or to […]

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UltraMixer Splash Screen

Professional Java Swing Interface

Wow, was reading through the Swing Sightings recently and saw the announcement of UltraMixer as the “best looking Swing interface we’ve ever seen”, I have to agree: I think it’s obvious from the website and the interface that this is the result you get when you mix software development with professional graphic artists, so polished. […]

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Picture of Mitsubishi WD-65831 On with No Glare

Mitsubishi WD-65831 with BDI Deploy Max Stand

‘SupraLB‘ posted some shots recently of his beautiful new WD-65831 on the BDI Deploy Max stand (personally this is the setup I will be gunning for if the XBR2 flops and don’t dazzled consistently across the board, so it was nice to see). The first pictures shows that glare from all the windows in the […]

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Samsung HL-S7178W Picture #1

Samsung HL-S7178W Pictures

Ok this one is for the Samsung lovers out there, ‘RayPaganJR‘ asked me to host these shots for him over on AVS and it was just too pretty of a setup not to share with all of you… notice the THX-ceritifed power amp, combined with the Samsung BluRay player and some hugely complex tuner… it […]

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Sony 70" XBR2 Reports Leaking In

Ok finally, reports of shipping confirmations, deliveries to local Tweeters and others have started to trickle in over the last day or so on the XBR2 current “Release date” thread. This is just a heads up if you’d like to track it yourself, I’ll keep you guys posted on any pictures, reviews, etc.

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eBay: Proof That Consumers Don't Care About Quality

Caution: Venting ahead… I’ve been eBaying on and off for about 10 years, and as I’ve gotten older and grumpier I’ve noticed more things about more pieces of software and hardware pertaining to usability that have gone from not noticing them, to absolute rage-induced comas brought on by the stupidity required for such design decisions […]

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Evolution and KMail Development Stymied

Jason Clinton put together a pretty insightful writeup about some factoids (from IRC groups, issue trackers and rumors around the water cooler) that point at Novell’s Evolution and KDE’s KMail applications development almost completely stymied and/or maintained by very small teams. In the case of KMail there are considerably bugs that have been hanging around […]

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ImgBurn Screenshot

Fantastic Free CD/DVD Burning Tool

For those of you (like me) that every once in a while need a good CD/DVD image burning tool for Windows and don’t want to buy a commercial solution because you just don’t use it enough AND maybe even used to use BurnAtOnce but stopped after development on it stopped so long ago, then you […]

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Glowing Window Buttons - Close

Compiz Branched, Project Beryl Created

Well in the true fashion of no commercial entity ever understanding how to keep an open source community committing to it’s spin-off project (Eclipse doesn’t count, they benefit from huge quarter-million-dollar-a-year-strategic-partners), Compiz (Novell’s compositing manager) has been branched due to growing developer concern over the level of communication, feedback, bug fixes and documentation taking place. […]

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My Impressions of the Mitsubishi WD-65831

Ok so I finally found a place in town that carries the Mitsubishi WD-65831, Roh’s Electronics “Where we charge you retail, because you are a sucker”. Ok that’s not really their tagline, but it should be. I walked into Roh’s, which actually had a very high end layout/setup. Qualias, Pioneer Elites and the WD-65831. Many […]

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Diagram of Engine Design

Relativity Propulsion Engine from Microwaves

This is just too cool for anybody that ever wanted a flying car or to go into space. Roger Shawyer has developed an engine with no moving parts that propels itself using microwaves “by exploiting the strange properties of relativity”… whatever that means. The British government is funding Shawyer’s work with interested parties from the […]

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