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Dancing with Treadmills

And for some chuckles, got this in my inbox today. Very clever:

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Wine Ubuntu Builds

Installing Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0 on Linux

I would say in 99% of the cases people would want to do this for testing a website if they are exclusively a Linux user, this is certainly the position I’m in. I knew I needed Wine and being on Ubuntu that was as easy as using Synaptic to download and install it. I would [...]

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The Benchwarmers Movie Review

My wife and I watched The Benchwarmers. With the current score of 5.3/10 we expected to chuckle a few times but not crack a rib. For some quick background, we love movies like Happy Gilmore, Napoleon Dynomite, Not Another Teen Movie and the Scary Movie series. So maybe we should have expected more, but we [...]

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Canon Rebel XT and XTi Gain Automated Cleaning System

This is a very slick technology coming out of Canon for you photographers out there. Aparently they have added an integrated dust/cleaning system into their Rebel line of cameras that uses an electrically charged panel to detach and sluff dust off of your lens for you, have a look at the video:

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PS3 Speed Downgraded, Again

If you think back to when the PS3 was first announced and it was going to have 8 cell processors or something like that, then that got downgraded to 6, where 1 of them is dormant and will act as a backup incase of a failure (who pre-bundles CPUs incase of failure? What other device [...]

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Core 2 Duo

Choosing a Core Duo or Core 2 Duo Laptop

or Introduction I’ve been in the market for a new laptop recently and have been trying to decide between purchasing a new Core Duo system now, or waiting a few months for all the Core 2 Duo laptops to be out and then take my pick. A usage requirement I realized recently that I had [...]

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Windows Vista Prices Leaked

Well it looks like the Windows Vista prices have been leaked and things are looking a little bleak: Full Version Vista Ultimate $450 Vista Business $341 Vista Home Premium $269 Vista Home Basic $233 Upgrade Version Vista Ultimate Upgrade $269 Vista Business Upgrade $224 Vista Home Premium Upgrade $179 Vista Home Basic Upgrade $116 Update [...]

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Amazing Card Trick

This card trick is fantastic, be sure to watch all the way to the end:

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Official GNOME 2.16 Features

I’ve been trying to dig up more detailed information about both Ubuntu EdgyEft (upcomming 6.10 Ubuntu release in October) and the GNOME 2.16 release that will be included with it. Most importantly I’ve been looking at the GNOME 2.16 information and have been getting sneak peaks at it by running the nightly EdgyEft LiveCDs to [...]

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Crysis Primarily a PC Title, "Next-Gen" Consoles not Powerful Enough

TeamXBox is reporting that after speaking with the Cyrsis developers (Crytek) it looks like Crysis will be a PC/Windows-Vista title as DirectX 10 will be shipping with Windows Vista and not available on the current XBox 360 or upcomming Playstation 3. If you haven’t gotten a chance and possibly doubt this, take a few minutes [...]

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Google Applications for Your Domain, Free

Google Apps for Your Domain is a free service from Google that offers semi-branded (labelled) Google officeware services to your organization by associating them with your domain of choice. The products offered in this application set are: Gmail Google Talk Google Calendar Google Page Creator The purpose of this service is to provide services for [...]

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PAX, Day 3

For those of you not farmiliar with PAX, it is the Penny Arcade Expo and is poised to become the replacement for E3. My friend, Laurence Hartje, has gone to PAX and is reporting on it for us: Day three was much calmer (I think everyone was recovering from two previous sleep deprived days…) Two [...]

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PAX, Day 2

For those of you not farmiliar with PAX, it is the Penny Arcade Expo and is poised to become the replacement for E3. My friend, Laurence Hartje, has gone to PAX and is reporting on it for us: 8:00 am fucking sucks when you went to bed at 3:30 am the same morning… with that [...]

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PAX, Day 1

For those of you not farmiliar with PAX, it is the Penny Arcade Expo and is poised to become the replacement for E3. My friend, Laurence Hartje, has gone to PAX and is reporting on it for us: PAX 2006 started off about 30 minutes late, but it started off with a bang. The first [...]

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For Sale: 15.4" Apple MacBook Pro – 2.0Ghz, 2GB, 7200RPM 100GB HD

I just posted my MacBook Pro to eBay, if this is something you might be interested, please feel free to ask me questions. Here are some pictures of it for quick reference: More pictures and information are available over at the auction.

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Riding Car

New Demo "Just Cause" on XBox Live, Fun All Around!

Ok so the new demo of Just Cause is on XBox Live, I downloaded it and gave it a spin and here is what I think: Fun. Not GTA-murder-a-hooker-and-ride-over-pedestrians fun, but MDK-fun. For those of you that didn’t play MDK or don’t remember it, it was this kookie game from Shiny (before they reuined the [...]

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Too Cute for the Internet?

This may temporarily blind you, so take a deep breath, and watch.

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MPAA/RIAA Decide which Features go into Windows Vista

This is a fantastic little tidbit of information, aparently the “media companies” stepped in and told Microsoft they must limit and or disable HD playback on 32-bit machines as they do not have the ability to enforce copy protection like 64-bit systems do. The full blurb: Pity the Vista user with a 32-bit CPU. Senior [...]

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Psycho Killer Raccoons Terrorize Olympia, Washington

I already hate raccoons after an incident when I was younger and some got into our yard and just started systematically dropping our turtles off the roof, killing them, then tearing them open and eating them. Naturally while shooting them with a pellet gun, they sort of sauntered around the roof until they decided to [...]

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XPC Stats Front

Shuttle XPC: Step Aside Mac Mini

For those that haven’t caught it yet, have a glance at the new Shuttle XPC X100 Mini PC: The stats on this are surprising powerful and to boot, Vista capable, have a gander: Intel Core Duo 1.6Ghz – 2.0Ghz Intel 945PM Chipset Up to 2GB DDR 533 Ram 250GB 7200 RPM SATA Drive ATI Mobility [...]

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Hotdog Cookers

Having the Right Grilling Equipment

Just got this from a friend in email… got a good laugh out of me:

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Eclipse 3.2 on Swing with Napkin LAF

Eclipse 3.2 Running ontop of Swing

Well the “Eclipse on Swing” discussion is heating up again. I have to admit that I do not see the allure to this. Assuming of course there is some benefit to doing this port, by the time it reaches parity with native SWT/JFace I imagine both Swing and SWT will be fast/flexible enough that no [...]

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Kickoff – The new KDE start menu

This flash movie represents the new startup menu for KDE that will be in openSUSE 10.2. The menu was designed by the KDE team and the SUSE usability group.

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Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers

Very interesting write-up on the Software by Rob blog about the personality traits that the best programmers have. How many of you read this list and think “That’s me!”… sort of like reading those lists “What makes the perfect husband?” or “How to know if you are a good lover” type lists: “That’s definately me!” [...]

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