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Ubuntu 6.06 Long Term Review

Introduction I started my quest for a good Windows XP alternative (before Vista ships) with SUSE 10.1 RC3 preview as I outlined in a 2 part review here and here. I realized during that review that reviewing something for a day worth of use isn’t that handy and if I don’t force myself to use […]

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Novell SUSE 10 Usage Preview – Part 2 of 2

Be sure to start off reading Part 1 of this piece of you are interested in how the installation of SLED went. Because using an operating system is typically organic, I am going to update this post as a stream-of-thought post to give snippets of information to the reader about how my tasks are progressing. […]

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Staying fit in I.T., is it possible?

Is it possible to stay fit in the I.T. industry? 8, 10, 12+ hours infront of a monitor all day long? Endless streams of RSS feeds, emails and instant messages? How am I suppose to get out for a jog, the gym or play some tennis when incomming requests that require my attention are endless? […]

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HDTV's and Gaming, trying to avoid the lag

Some of you might not know this, but if you are looking into an HDTV and plan on gaming on it, you might want to do some research before deciding. Most of the newer HDTVs have native resolutions of 1080p. “Native resolution” meaning that is the only resolution the TV displays. Most all will infact […]

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