$135 Billion Worth of Oil “Found”, Again, in Afghanistan

We reported about a month ago that $1.4 trillion worth of natural mineral deposits had been “found” in Afghanistan.

We had our own definition of what “found” meant.

Flash-forward exactly 1 month and you have NewsDaily reporting that Afghanistan has found 1.8 billion barrels worth of oil ($135 billion based on today’s price of oil) under the northern portion of the country:

The discovery of the basin between northern Balkh and Shiberghan provinces was made after a survey conducted by Afghan and international geologists, said Jawad Omar, a spokesman for the ministry of mines

My thoughts? The anti-Western world continues to nail down alliances with oil-producing countries like Russia and South America that the Western world cannot rely on for our primary source of energy.

We already have a hellacious military presence in the Middle East liberating the shit out of them and we are already in Afghanistan doing… something.

And hell, since Afghanistan keeps “discovering” trillions of dollars worth of natural resources that the Western world needs to exist, we might as well help them out.

The sarcasm dripping off of this article isn’t because there is anything wrong with what is happening; the world runs on oil, we need oil, and half the world that doesn’t like us doesn’t want to share it with us.

My seething sarcasm comes from Afghanistan, the country we invaded a decade ago, suddenly and magically “finding” these resources. I wonder who is going to help them liberate all those resources, manage the extraction, security, packaging, processing and exporting.

What has yet to be decided is if Afghanistan is making these announcements to befriend the Western world and begin a long profitable future to something better, or if they are going to go to the highest bidder and look for assistance from Russia and China for extracting these resources.

Either way, with this much demand for what sits under their feet, the Afghani people have a turbulent few decades ahead of them.

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