imgscalr 4.2 Released

Quick heads up to the Java developers out there using the imgscalr Image Processing Library, version 4.2 was just released! There is 1 new feature in this release and 1 bugfix: New Feature: New ULTRA_QUALITY scaling Method provides the nicest looking scaling result typically better than GIMP’s highest quality scaling method (Lanczos3)! Bug Fix: When […]

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Detailed Look at the Brilliantly Simple CouchDB File Format

I’ve been researching CouchDB’s file format for the last week along side a few other efforts to understand resilient storage that is optimized for SSD or flash-based performance metrics. As it turns out, log-based file formats (and file systems) are optimal when working with flash memory like SSDs. CouchDB uses an append-only, copy-on-write approach to […]

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Saints Row 2 is more inspired than The Third

I finished the original Saints Row and Saints Row 2 and remember them both very fondly; I was excited when the hub-bub around The Third started to get rolling as the game looked like more over-the-top, don’t-take-your-too-seriously shenanigans that made 1 and 2 so much fun in the first place. When it came time to […]

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imgscalr 4.0 released - Optimal Java Image Scaling

imgscalr 4.0 released – Optimal Java Image Scaling

imgscalr is an optimized, fault-tolerant and simple Java library used to resize, rotate, filter, crop or pad images. imgscalr implements the most optimal code-paths for these tasks as recommended by the Java2D team and internally works around a number of hidden JDK and even JVM bugs pertaining to image operations via the Java2D pipeline. imgscalr […]

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The Growing Divide in Ubuntu - Apple's Methods meets Linux Community

The Growing Divide in Ubuntu – Apple’s Methods meets Linux Community

This article is my opinion. Mark Shuttleworth is dragging Ubuntu (and by extension) Linux, kicking and screaming into the “design-first” world of computing lead by Apple. This progress requires that he, to some extent, ignore an entire community that has never prided itself on or been particularly good at design aesthetics. Ignoring such a community has… it’s […]

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imgscalr 3.2 Released

imgscalr 3.2 Released

Some good news for folks using imgscalr (a Java image-scaling library), version 3.2 was released today and brings with it support for rotation, a new AsyncScalr class used for support both asynchronous scaling support as well as scale-operation throttling in high-performance systems (e.g. web application) where 100s of scaling operations firing off in parallel would bog […]

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BloodRayne: Betrayal Screenshots

Some screenshots from the upcoming BloodRayne: Betrayal arcade reboot of the BloodRayne franchise for PSN and XBLA. When this title was first announced, I wasn’t all that excited for it (still wanting the original franchise to get rebooted and saved… along with Nocturne!), but after seeing some of the gameplay I really started to dig […]

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Tomcat Context Attribute 'antiResourceLocking' Disables Class Reloads

Tomcat Context Attribute ‘antiResourceLocking’ Disables Class Reloads

This is a quick TIP for anyone working with Tomcat during development and needing it to reload changes immediately… especially if you have Tomcat setup to run your webapp directly out of your IDE’s project folder. REMINDER: Remember you have to change your Project Properties to make your [projdir]/[webdir]/WEB-INF/classes directory your output dir for built […]

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Duke Nukem Forever (PC) Review

Summary If you can appreciate Duke Nukem Forever for what it is, a game that should have come out 6 years ago, and stop expecting it to compete with modern shooters, you will get some enjoyment out of it, but there are still rough edges everywhere that will make playing it seem like a chore […]

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E3 2011 – XCOM High Res Screenshots

XCOM is a re-imaging of the franchise as a strategic FPS somewhat like Ghost Recon, but a much simpler interface and set in the 1960s during an alien invasion. You work for t a special faction of the government tasked with adapting and re-using the alien technology against the invading forces. During a private XCOM […]

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