The Gentlemen Radio 111: The Great Flood That Wasn’t

  On this episode of the Gentlemen Media, Gentlemen Patrick and Jeffrey brave the elements, and hobos, to record in the park on the night of what was forecasted to a huge tropical storm that was shutting Tucson down all over the place. Because podcasts are important, the Gentlemen put their very lives on the […]

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Patrick’s 10 Most Anticipated Fall Movies 2014

  And here we are to the Fall. Awards season and the time when we put down the popcorn and turn our attention to deeper and more substantive films that we can later brag to our friends about having actually seen them when Oscar pools are starting. But I kid awards season. Obviously the fall […]

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Patrick’s 10 Favorite Summer Movies 2014

Here we are on the cusp of awards season as the box office is well past it’s cooling down phase and is getting reading for the season’s shift from popcorn and action to the more subdued tones of drama. So before looking forward to that season I am going to take a look back at […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 110: The Emmys Strain Credibility

Here we go with another episode of the Gentlemen Radio. In this episode the gents talk about the Strain for a change and then get into the nitty gritty of the Emmys and why Jeff hasn’t seen True Dective yet. It is another noisy episode at Old Chicago which means it is loud but the […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 109: DC Learns the Wrong Lessons While Marvel Guards the Galaxy

And we are back with the whole crew intact. Charles is back from his toils in Houston on the now legendary 100th episode and the Gentlemen can finally talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy. Moving on from what Gentlemen Patrick feels is the best movie of the year so far, the guys talk about […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Espiode 108-Oh Captain My Captain

Yeah sure, it is a cheesy and overused title but fuck it, on this episode Gentlemen Jeffrey and Patrick discuss the passing of the beloved Robin Williams. It is a bit heavier and more serious epsiode than usual as the Gents delve into depression and suicide. It is not all sad times, however, as the […]

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Patrick’s 10 Most Anticipated Games From E3 2014

Alright so it has been a couple of months since E3 and because I have noticed the past few years that games I was very excited about at the show didn’t always live up to the hype I have decided to post my most anticipated list after the bright lights and excitement of the show […]

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

  A movie about which the best thing that can be said is that it wasn’t as bad as expected, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not offensively bad but it is not much good either.  Taking a cue from the gross misunderstanding found in the Transformers movies, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles focuses on intrepid cub […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 107: Katie Goes a Conning

And here it is, the final podcast about San Diego Comic Con this time featuring the Buzz Media’s own Katie Mullaly. She and Gentlemen Patrick compare notes and talk about what Comic Con means to someone of a less geeky persuasion. It is a frolicking fun time with a Comic Con verteran that you should […]

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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

Hilarious, exciting and surprisingly emotionally resonant, Guardians of the Galaxy is absolutely delightful. After stealing a mysterious orb catches the attention of fanatical despot Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace), earth born intergalactic outlaw Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) must band together with a rag tag group of criminals consisting of assassin Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Drax the […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 106 Part 3: Weirding Out in San Diego

And here is the last part of our Really Long Con-versation with Lamb. If you are hungry for more SDCC goodness, never fear because we will have more coming your way fairly soon with guest Katie!

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 106 Part 2-The Long Con

Part two of the epic San Diego Comic Con podcast. This one covers Friday and a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with the Con. Of course Lamb is back for this continuing big ass show. Still to come, another Comic Con episode with The Buzz Media’s Katie! So much Conny goodness!

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 106 Part 1: A Long SDCC Adventure

Alright so here is the deal. Gentleman Patrick went to San Diego Comic Con. Then he podcasted about it with returning guest Lamb. Podcasted a lot. Like a lot a lot. Like four hours worth of material. So here is the deal, the show is broken up into three parts and we will be releasing […]

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Black Jesus

Katie’s San Diego Comic Con International 2014 Recap!!

Another year – another San Diego Comic Con on the books. Honestly, I will never tire of attending.  One of the perks of doing all of the writing that I do is that conventions consider you part of the family and they let you in.  I imagine it’s like being one of the pretty girls […]

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The Gentleman Radio Episode 105: Stop The Damn Match, The Clone Has A Family!!!

    Welcome to a very special episode of the Gentlemen Radio where Charles and Jeff take a break from the hectic atmosphere of the San Diego Comic-Con to have an in-depth philosophical discussion regarding the ethics surrounding the cloning of human beings.  If you listen to only one episode of the Gentlemen Radio Show, […]

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The Gentlemen Radio Episode 104: Thor Looks Like A Lady

  This week’s installment of the Gentlemen Radio is brought to you by last week! This time around we can really get into The Strain material since the first episode (and now second) have aired, seriously if you are waiting out on watching this show for some reason might as well just not do that […]

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